April 20, 2019

End of the beginning

The worship today (Good Friday) at church was led by Surina. It was a lovely time with lots of poignant thoughts shared during the session. The worship session was titled ''nd of the beginning' and ended with the rendition of the song by David Phelps. It's been a while since I heard a 'story song' and it came out powerfully. I'll leave you with what Surina shared about the worship session and the song and the song itself.
"Jesus exposed the hypocrisy of the Pharisees. So the Jews thought that if they killed Jesus it would end their problems. Satan was engineering the same thing; if only he could keep Jesus in the grave God's plan of salvation may be sabotaged. But God had other plans. What the Jews and Satan believed was the end of their problem, was actually only the end of the beginning of the story of salvation that God had been scripting through Jesus life and this story continues to be written even today and will continue until the end of time".

April 10, 2019

My job update

Time certainly flies and I can't believe that in 2020 I'll be due for my job confirmation as I would have completed 3 years since doing my DM (Neonatology). This will ensure a permanent career in Neonatology  I'll have to ensure I tick the correct boxes so the confirmation happens easily. So here is a list of things I've done or plan to do. If I don't get this job confirmation I may need to hunt for a new job across oceans and maybe even over a wall.

1. I got my friends to make a movie about me called DM Benji. My childhood friend played 'me' and the guys promised to just call it coincidence that it was released to the workplace just a few days before the decision on my job.

2. I remember a group of us making a visit to a competitive company. We unplugged their coffee machine .This decreased their productivity. I have a short video clip about this that will also be made into a documentary.

3. I will get my sister to come to my workplace and help me in my project. She is not qualified but then she could get me some brownie points

4. My boss and colleagues love chocolate. So I went on a pilgrimage to 3 chocolate factories and posted pics of me at the entrance on Facebook and Twitter .

5. I read the initial job application I'd submitted when I joined the company. I just rewrote it with a few fancier numbers and a new font. I hope they don't notice that I haven't achieved some of my objectives. It's no big deal - sometimes 3-5 years is not enough to do this. Heck! Even 70 years may not be sufficient!

6. I came to work in a tractor one day. Very impressive!

7. I applied for the same job from another job portal just to be safe. Statistically this may double my chances.

8. I winked at a meeting. It may help me get this job.... I hope.

9. I started a new YouTube channel in my name. It plays in the coffee room at my office everyday. It showcases all my achievements and skills but I've cleverly branded it a news channel. I also put some of my workout tips on it .

10. In my free time I go to the graves of former employees and bosses. I ponder as I sit in the evening breeze and make dramatic decisions like writing this article.

11. Would making a few statues of me and putting them in the corridors and next to the refrigerator help? Would the people want to do this for me? I couldn't figure this one. Tough call!!

I hope all this hard work pays off and I get the confirmation. Please wish me all the best.

PS. Any resemblance to political events, past or present, in any country is purely humourous. Enjoy!