October 28, 2015

Professional hazard

If you ever thought your little child didn't know anything about your profession, you are wrong! JJ had an itchy spot on his calf this evening. He finally dozed off in his bed and was fast asleep. Close to midnight I feel a tiny hand shake me awake and say, "The skin is very itchy and it is irritating me. I think I need to sleep next to a doctor and a dentist". He climbed into bed and plonked himself right next to us. I guess these are the hazards of our profession!
To all the engineers, IT guys, racers, architects, celebs and non-medicos out there - sorry if your life does not have such blessed moments!

October 4, 2015

Quick road fixes in #digitalindia

I love the fact that the #digitalindia revolution will completely modernise India and help every human being on this great land in some way that is mysterious. We will soon be able to live in equality and brotherhood and everyone will have enough food to eat, be vaccinated, access healthcare, be educated through tweeting and googling.
Meanwhile elements like an overnight rain will try to wreak havoc on Chennai Roads. #digitalindia will set it right in the blink of an eye!
Here's how - all it takes is Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Paint or iOS Preview:

So all you Chennaiites - leave your cares behind and drive into the new #digitalindia roads!

Note: This is a novice effort to fix the problem. The professionals will be able to do a much better job!

October 3, 2015

Road Trip

Road trips - you end up where you started!
But this 1557 km journey from Vellore to Karur, Munnar, Kumarakom, Kumily, Thekkad, Vandanmedu and back gave us enough memories to last a lifetime. Thank God for an amazing time and safety! This is our first major road trip ever since we returned from OZ and even though the drive was very different, the scenery was just as spectacular as Australia or New Zealand!