September 13, 2015


I'm not even sure if it is spelt Mathew or Matthew, but he is the guy who made Grahams trip to India possible. He's just a regular guy in a shirt and jeans. I met him for twenty minutes during dinner with Graham on Saturday and I must accept that today I feel that he has impacted my life as much as Graham did over the weekend. After spending 9 years in the UK he made a choice to come back to India to serve and follow Gods calling. He came back about 4 months ago and had his first child 2 months ago. I know how huge such a change is - We barely managed to tolerate the move back to India from Australia.
When you look at him you feel he has life on a platter - heads an NGO, has a lovely young family, leads a band, is a worship leader, sings well and has amazing ideas (evident during the Creative Worship session). But I know that underneath that is a passion to be at the centre of Gods will and an everyday juggle balancing work, music and family.
If you are reading this blog please say a word of prayer for him. I strongly feel he is impacting several people and will be a massive tool in the hands of God in the years to come.
Mathew - God Bless You. I don't have a photo with you, but I will pray for you!

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