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Hmmm.. who am I? A profound question! More than 'who i am' what matters is 'who I belong to'. Read through my blog and website and find out who I belong to!


Every time I need to choose a Christian gift item i either have to go to the local Christian store here or order it by ebay from the US and ship it. I've always hoped that I could find a store right here in India with the kind of gifts I find on ebay but not have to wait for it to be shipped from the US with expensive shipping costs. Finally I found one. My friend Praveen just started an online store with Christian goodies ranging from bracelets to candle stands at the Three Kings Store. i had a long chat with him and I hope the store does well. Browse through it and you'll see why I'm excited!
Three Kings Store - India's First Premium Online Christian Gift Store.


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