August 31, 2009

Three Kings Store

Every time I need to choose a Christian gift item i either have to go to the local Christian store here or order it by ebay from the US and ship it. I've always hoped that I could find a store right here in India with the kind of gifts I find on ebay but not have to wait for it to be shipped from the US with expensive shipping costs. Finally I found one. My friend Praveen just started an online store with Christian goodies ranging from bracelets to candle stands at the Three Kings Store. i had a long chat with him and I hope the store does well. Browse through it and you'll see why I'm excited!
Three Kings Store - India's First Premium Online Christian Gift Store.

August 30, 2009

Cracked mirror

We had to travel about 150 KM to Sirkazhi today for the reception. I decided that it would be better that Venkatesh drove, especially as the return would be late in the night. The road was a narrow road that was winding. In an hour an oncoming car came really close and although venkatesh swerved off the road the rear-view mirrors hit and I heard a loud noise. We stopped and on inspection found that only the mirror had cracked and the whole assembly and car didn't even have a scratch. The other car didn't bother to stop! Just a few inches could have seen worse results!
The return journey at night was safe but quite scary through the narrow roads.

August 28, 2009

The Rush

After witnessing the beautiful wedding and reception we had to make a mad rush to the Bus Stand straight from the wedding reception. The taxi reached late and we actually walked all the way to the main road to catch it. The 40 minute trip to the bus stop was crazy! I had to close my eyes and hold on tight as the taxi driver drove like mad. We reached in one piece and on time. Still sweating and white-knuckled, I boarded my bus amidst a noisy crowd of humanity. I was very lucky to get on a bus as all buses were full and the only reason I got a seat was because I had booked the ticket 3 days ago! I normally never book a ticket when i travel alone, but this time something (or maybe someONE) inspired me to book the ticket and that was the only reason I could actually get back to Trichy without a problem!
And if you're wondering how bad the crowd was, here is a teaser - this dark video shows people trying to get onto another bus... while I was safely sitting inside 'my' bus!

August 21, 2009

'Making' news - Swine Flu

As you know Swine Flu has been making headlines all over the world. The news channels and newspapers are going overboard as they try to use the little they know to increase their TRPs and come out on top.
Today we had a taste of how blasphemously inaccurate and blatantly false even top newspapers are. We saw this article about a child called Tharika. you can click on the clipping enclosed to read the full article
Very emotional article! The only problem is that there is absolutely no truth at all. How do I know? Tharika is my patient and i am treating her (along with Praburam). Here are the facts:
1. She was admitted with fever on the 11th and not the 10th. (The closest the newspaper ever got to the truth!!)
2. She was never suspected to have swine Flu and had no symptoms even remotely suggestive of swine flu.
3. She was never sent to the Government Hospital - in fact the parents have never been there at all!
4. She was never tested for swine Flu and was never isolated either here or in the Government Hospital. She has been in the general paediatric ward at our hospital.
5. No tests were ever done in Chennai or even sent to Chennai.
6. She was confirmed to have typhoid based on tests done in the laboratory doen at our hospital!
7. The family faced more problems after the publication of this news item!
No-one contacted our hospital, me, Praburam, the family, the government hospital, the lab in Chennai, the health authorities or any doctor at any time about this patient. I wonder what their 'sources' are.
There was an immediate response and we had an inspection by a team of doctors and health personnel from the Government. As usual the truth triumphed and we had no problems at all.
I'll end this blog entry with a clear warning - "Do not believe or act on anything the newspapers and news channels say".
And if you're really looking for something to read that says the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth try reading the BIBLE

August 15, 2009

Pray for India!

Its been a tumultuous year for India. There's recession, political confusion, corruption, violence, terrorism, immorality, pollution and impatience lurking everywhere. And I almost forgot to add swine flu to that list! This Independence Day I had some time to ponder about where the country is headed. To be frank, experiences everyday and watching the news daily makes me really wonder if there is any hope at all. 'Unity in Diversity' seems to be an old-fashioned saying that has lost its meaning and charm. I wonder if we can even claim to be secular. Is the real enemy across the border or actually within us? Will there aver be a day when women are treated with the dignity they deserve? Will the keepers of the law abide by the law? Will Health for All just be a slogan chanted and never a reality?
So many questions. I wonder if we can ever change anything. I finally concluded that each of us is not meant to change everything. We can change some things some of the times, but not all things all the time.
And yes - the only hope for every person in this great country is JESUS. I still believe it!!
"God, Give us the grace to accept with serenity
the things that cannot be changed, Courage
to change the things which should be changed,
And the wisdom to distinguish the one from the other."
I hope that my ramblings make sense...

August 2, 2009

The end of the service

It was a frustrating evening at church. I was on call and kept getting phonecalls during the service - all of them minor issues that could be settled over the phone. I missed most of the message and the worship. I decided to leave as soon as the message was over so i could rush back to the hospital just to make sure everything was OK. But Becky decided we'd stay till the very end and speak to the pastor. Grudgingly I obliged. At the end of the service after we had a pleasant chat with the pastor and his parents a lady walked up to me and asked me to see a child who was a little sick. The whole family had been saved from the brink of suicide just a week ago and today one of the children fell sick - she was vomiting and quite dehydrated.
I had to admit her and she needed IV fluids and also some injections. She got better and was discharged after 2 days.
If i had simply left the church early, i would not have been able to see this child or treat her! Thank God for a wife who ensured I stayed till the end of the service, a lady and other church members who had helped save a family.
Although I could not hear the sermon today i felt I learned so much more at church - just by staying till the end of the service!