July 19, 2009


Kevin shared this in church today. He narrated how he got admission to PSG College which initially seemed really difficult. part of the reason was the reservation for communities called BC (Backward Community), FC (Forward Community), OC (Other Community) and so on.
To cut the story short, beyond his expectations he got into college!
He ended testimony saying this:
"OC, BC, FC... whatever.... I belong to JC (Jesus Christ)!"
Woah! i finally got a partner for my Christian Punchline book!!

July 10, 2009

Helpful child!

A very enthusiastic and helpful child I saw in my clinic the other day - wanted to help me examine himself! So there he is - grabbing my stethoscope and placing it in the right places!
Left me wondering - do you really need to go to Medical College to learn how to examine patients?