June 21, 2009

A Godly punchline!

Sometimes the most awesome truths just blurt out of my mouth and I wonder where it came from. Divine intervention!!
We were at a family get-together. As we were still the newly married couple (self proclaimed!) B and me were the center of attention. A rather tricky question was thrown at me: "So Jeyanth, when it all started, who made the choice first? Did you choose B or did B choose you?".
The answer came out in 0.00026 seconds!
"Actually.... God chose us first!"
Blink of an eye and an awesome truth dawned on everyone.
Such words of wisdom inspire me to write a new book on Christian Punchlines! Wish me all the best!!

June 4, 2009

Message in a Tshirt

These local Tshirt companies don;t have any idea what they are printing! Most of the time the children I see in OPD have some gibberish written on their Tshirt - half of it unreadable or making no sense at all with lots of typos etc.
I was surprised when this 3 year old child landed up in OPD with this Tshirt advising safe driving tips! I don't think he had any idea what it said and probably could never drive a truck - but hey! It's never too young to spread the message!
Click on the image for a larger view, but if you still can't read it here's what it says:
"I will drive a maxi truck.
Drive Slowly.
Look Signal.
Be Careful.
Blow Horn."
I can't add much to that except to tell you - "Drive safely!"

June 2, 2009

Rejoice TV

I still don't remember when I started trying to create a website and how I actually succeeded. But I do remember trying MS Word, then frontpage, cutting and pasting code, getting free scripts and creating my website and blog without knowing much HTML and absolutely no PHP, javascript etc. I've tried hard and the results don't seem really bad at all!!
So when my Dad was approached to help establish a Christian TV Network in Chennai, he requested me to create their website! I felt flattered but could not turn down the request. Inspite of my limitations I finally managed to get most of the website up and functional. I now understand the meaning of the quote "God does not look at your ability but your availability!"
You can now see the Rejoice TV website here @ www.rejoicetv.in.
The site has details about the TV network, audio, video, music, a members area, prayer requests and more. There's still a lot of work to be done and I hope I have the time and the ideas for it. Suggestions are welcome - but keep them simple and in English!!