May 31, 2009

A musical treat

One of the things I miss in Trichy is good music. Very rarely do we have bands or music programs happening here. A few days ago I bumped into Paul (I rarely meet him) and on casual inquiry found that a youth (teenagers) music program was scheduled on May 31st at St Johns Church in the morning service.
My parents were here this weekend and we went to church and were treated to wholesome Christian music. There were about 10 songs and the girls who sang were amazing. Their vocals blended in unison and the parts were phenomenal. Wish I had recorded the audio to share with you all! I can leave you with just a picture but even that does not capture the awesome music we were treated to!

May 25, 2009

Beautiful sentence

One of the features on my website is the A2J SMS service where I send Christian quotes to people who opt in. Once in a while I get people abroad who also subscribe.
To tell you the truth I've been a little lax and the frequency of messages I send out has been drastically reduced - just my laziness.
Today I received an SMS from a person in Iran.
"Hi, excuse me. How can I receive more beautiful sentence, like the sentence that you send to me?!"
His name is Ali and he had subscribed a few weeks ago and I had sent him this message when he joined, "If you forget to forgive, you have forgotten that you are forgiven".
I'm amazed that people all over the world are get encouraged!
I don't know who you are Ali, but thank you for nudging me and encouraging me to be more regular in this service! God bless you.

May 23, 2009

Grace - followed up

I've written a brief intro to Grace and her baby here on A2J before.
Today the baby is 9 months old and the transformation is almost unbelievable. I'm enclosing a picture to show you the difference. Its amazing the way the baby has grown and is now bubbly and quite naughty - weighing about 8 kg now (quite a change from the 800 grams at birth!). Don't miss out the happy family in the foreground and my colorful OPD in the background in this pic.

May 13, 2009

Magic is...

Today we just dropped into a small exhibition and lazed around the stalls. It also had plenty of games and there was a Magic Show in one corner. The show was brilliant - about 20 minutes of eye-candy that left you baffled. The magician had just a rickety stage and curtains and a squeaky music system but pulled off the tricks really well. And to top it all the entrance fee was just 10 rupees (25 cents!!).
I was also impressed with what he said at the start of the show.
"Magic is an art - like cinema, music and painting. Its not a mantra".
Mantra is an Indian word which denotes a supernatural occurrence. Even in modern society people believe in 'Godmen' who simply do magic and give them a lot of importance. Most of these tricks are what can be performed by magicians.
So where do Christians stand? I believe in Miracles - and I believe that all credit needs to be given only to God for that and that every miracle brings you closer to God. Christians who avidly seek out 'persons' who will prophecy or perform healing just to get personal benefit are no different from others seeking out Godmen who perform tricks. Yes, God does perform miracles and some of them through his disciples. But the attention needs to be on God - not on human acts!
I'll wind up this blog entry with a link to a magic trick we saw today.
Click here to see the magician perform a rope knot trick - purely for entertainment!