October 23, 2008

Whazzat @ Trichy

Saw this note on a car in Trichy
(Click the image for a larger pic)
It shows an advocate/lawyer symbole (which means that the driver was a lawyer), below which is a bold logo that states "DICTATOR". My interpretation?
I always thought that for a lawyer the Law was his word.
This lawyer tipped it around - His WORD is now the LAW!
Howzzat @ Trichy!

October 21, 2008

Fully licensed!

I finally got my Permanent 4-wheeler driving license today.
Getting the license was not difficult - a couple of months ago I got my learners license after enrolling at a driving school and signing a few forms.
Today, along with a few others from the driving school I drove down to the RTO office 10 km away and managed to finish off the formalities and the driving test.
This was another day that God showed in subtle ways how much he cared.
For one, a person who had come last week told me that the crowd the previous week was a lot and the queues were much longer.
Also, the tests are conducted in the open - and in the even of rain everyone gets sent back! Although it threatened to rain, ultimately what we had was cool climate. It drizzled a little on the way back!
So finally the bright re "L" board can come off the car!

October 19, 2008

Driving with a gorilla!

We'd given in the car to do the repair work and spent the week using the Kinetic Honda. Unfortunately the work couldn't be finished by the weekend and that meant the weekend without the car - and a wedding to attend 10 miles away! The service center promised to send a car for our use for the weekend and saturday saw us with a UVA - their test car.
Pretty cool eh?
Even cooler if you realised that the car had a huge gorilla painted on the sides (as a part of their 'Incredibly Spacious' ad!).
It was fun - and funny. Everywhere we stopped kids jumped in glee while others gave us a wide grin. No harm done. We attended the wedding in ease and comfort.
Trust me - God provides. And some times he injects a touch of humour into it!!

October 12, 2008

Showers of blessing

It all started at midnight when a shower of guests landed up for a midnight weekend party and we were all showered with fried chicken, coke, french fries, banana milk shake and cake.
At lunch it showered prawn curry and fried rice.
The afternoon saw the first showers of rain that I had seen in Trichy in a few months!
The evening saw an incredible shower of blessings - at church when we had a special prayer and then we met the pastor - an incredibly personal experience that is hard to put in words!
It was an awesome way to end the day - few days have been as exotic as today was.
yp - and today was my birthday!

October 8, 2008

800 to 1600 grams in 60 days

Grace delivered her baby 2 months ago. The baby was all of 800 grams! She was one of the smallest babies we have ever managed. Against all odds she literally cruised her way out of nursery with just minor problems - some jaundice, a touch of oxygen, a blood transfusion. She literally grew in front of our eyes and today is fit for discharge! Just another time in my life when I realise that even with very little help God's little babies have their own way of facing the world! So here is the little one - in an oversized sweater looking cute and ready to face the world.

October 6, 2008

Character analysis!

Ever been to one of those fancy weighing machines in railway stations that tell you more than just your weight? At the railway station I was kinda 'led' into checking out my weight in one of these 'enlightening' machines.
This one spews out a card with your weight, a character analysis and a filmstars picture. So what did mine show?
You are shy, patient, sensitive and tender.
I almost fell off in shock!
And the filmstar? Salman Khan - I could feel my biceps bulge underneath my shirt sleeve!!
We laughed about this the whole way back home.
And my weight - you really thought I'd blog it??!!

October 3, 2008

In the pink of health

I couldn't resist sharing this pic on my blog! This sight greeted me when I entered the Nursery. For some reason the babies on one side had pink dresses and pink sheets. I found it pretty cute. Click the picture to view a larger photo.