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My presentation on Migraine almost caused me a major headache. Everything fell apart in the last minute and then miraculously came back together in the last second!
I had finished preparing the presentation about an hour early and was ready to go. Unfortunately the CD burner was giving errors and my USB drive was in the car. As B was just finishing her presentation preparation too and was about to burn it on a CD I called her up and said I would email it to her so she could add mine also.
The email reached her in 5 minutes.
Blackout - total power cut!
Luckily B had a laptop and the battery would last 1 hour. She could burn the CD. I got ready to leave after shutting down my desktop.
Setback - she had not yet downloaded my attachment and the internet did not work without power!
In the meantime, I retrieved my USB drive from the car and restarted my computer (hooked up to the UPS), and hurriedly tried to transfer the presentation to the USB drive.
Disaster - just when I opened the folder and copied he file the battery ran out on my UPS and the comp died on me. I had needed just a few more seconds.
Just when I ran out of ideas my silent prayers received enlightenment and the power turned back on.
I hurriedly turned my desktop on and stared at the blue screen of death - CRASHED!!
I restarted the system again and after some brief hiccups Windows opened and behaved itself. Quickly I transferred the file to my USB drive and scooted to the library. I was a little late but well armed - with my USB drive.
The presentation went on without a hitch and did not show any signs of the last minute damasha that had occurred.
I wonder who is in such perfect control even through all these technological confusions and madnesses. I guess you know Who!
He lives!


  1. Nabila Zehra Zaidi  

    Aaarrgghh.... I hate the whole dependence on computers... Especially because they run perfectly fine otherwise but when there is an emergency... there ofcourse, by default has to be a power cut, no internet, errors, viruses... etc etc etc and all that can go technologically wrong!!

    I am just glad... I am not the only one... :)

  2. Shantharam Shenoy K  

    it sort of happens everytime with me...whenevr i am in a hurry of doing something..something pulls me back...i remember taking my seminar..i was pretty confident of doing well...till probably 15 min...when as usual i forgot almost everything..i cud not understand neither remember much...but luckily some one switched on my memory cells at the right time and everything went pretty well...

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