September 27, 2008

Sony K510i reclaimed!

Manufacturing company: Sony Ericsson
Model number: k510i
Date of purchase: October 2006
Date of theft: May 2008
Last date of prayer: June 2008
Date of recovery: September 2008
Status: perfect condition - evry picture, every SMS, every contact and every scratch preserved!

Becker kept telling us that we would definitely find the mobile again, but in true human style we stopped praying after some time.
In true God style Jesus answered the long forgotten prayer in a way that blew our minds.
The mobile was returned to Athai and Mama in Kodaikanal a week ago.
Its a long story - the person who took it, stole it in a fit of anger and spent 110 days feeling something gnawing on his conscience.
Today I finally got it in my hands and the thrill was amazing.
I just hope that our praise will not be as short as our prayer request!!
Jeyanth and Becky

September 13, 2008

A question of affordability

Today had several things that were out of the ordinary. I was alone in OPD and we had a record 51 children who came to the OPD. I had to do a bone marrow and did it alone at around 4 PM - after I had a hurried lunch. The ward was so full that I had to shift the stable children to other wards.
But what I remember most is R - a chirpy 6 year old girl who has a deformed right arm from birth. She had come to us 3 weeks ago with fever and anemia and since we suspected Leukemia we had sent her to CMC for confirmatory tests. She came back with a confirmed diagnosis of Leukemia (Blood cancer) to continue the chemotherapy at our hospital.
The father had bought the medicines for the week and the child was ready to get the drugs through her IV central line (a special line that can be kept for a month to deliver her chemotherapy).
Just before I started, the father made a request that baffled me. "Doctor, please remove the IV line and we'll go back home." His reason sounded simple, "I can't afford the treatment. It lasts three years and there is no 100% guarantee."
But why the sudden change of mind, I wondered. Was it a genuine question of affordability? Was it the fact that she would be a burden to them? Was it the fact that she was a girl - and had a deformed arm? Were they trying to evade the huge responsibility?
I don't think I will ever find out the true answer. I spoke to him in detail laying down facts, other experiences and the fact that the present course of medicines were already bought. He rallied back and forth, almost leaving the ward before he decided that we would give the next weeks chemotherapy before making any more decisions.
She got her 6 hour infusion, an IV push and an IM jab and left at 4 PM.
Over the next few days we will lay down the options available for them - including that of free treatment in selected centers, government and charity funding available, etc.
I'm really not sure what they will decide - or maybe the father has already decided.
I don't think I will ever be able to truly put my feet in the father's or the child's shoes and feel their pain, confusion and dilemna. I just pray that whatever decision they make will be a genuine decision - not out of any bias or out of their inabilities.
Is it a question of affordability?
I wonder....

September 9, 2008


My presentation on Migraine almost caused me a major headache. Everything fell apart in the last minute and then miraculously came back together in the last second!
I had finished preparing the presentation about an hour early and was ready to go. Unfortunately the CD burner was giving errors and my USB drive was in the car. As B was just finishing her presentation preparation too and was about to burn it on a CD I called her up and said I would email it to her so she could add mine also.
The email reached her in 5 minutes.
Blackout - total power cut!
Luckily B had a laptop and the battery would last 1 hour. She could burn the CD. I got ready to leave after shutting down my desktop.
Setback - she had not yet downloaded my attachment and the internet did not work without power!
In the meantime, I retrieved my USB drive from the car and restarted my computer (hooked up to the UPS), and hurriedly tried to transfer the presentation to the USB drive.
Disaster - just when I opened the folder and copied he file the battery ran out on my UPS and the comp died on me. I had needed just a few more seconds.
Just when I ran out of ideas my silent prayers received enlightenment and the power turned back on.
I hurriedly turned my desktop on and stared at the blue screen of death - CRASHED!!
I restarted the system again and after some brief hiccups Windows opened and behaved itself. Quickly I transferred the file to my USB drive and scooted to the library. I was a little late but well armed - with my USB drive.
The presentation went on without a hitch and did not show any signs of the last minute damasha that had occurred.
I wonder who is in such perfect control even through all these technological confusions and madnesses. I guess you know Who!
He lives!