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Hmmm.. who am I? A profound question! More than 'who i am' what matters is 'who I belong to'. Read through my blog and website and find out who I belong to!


As a cost saving venture I decided to try out a new host called midpulse. I've never heard of them before but they seemed to have a decent uptime and some really low cost hosting. I shifted addicted2jesus.com without much of a problem but am running into problems transferring christian-traffic.com. The initial problems was with the mysql database server settings which I succesfully changed. The links section is working perfectly fine, but the traffic exchange is down. the script seems installed but I cant adjust the admin settings at all.
My only option is now to trust out a new script and I hope the cost balances out. My old host graciously adjusted the last payment I made for the only site still left with him - redeem4ads.com
My lack of tech brains is pretty obvious but even through this great limitation everything seems within control! I'm still waiting for a new traffic exchange script - have messaged a few people to get one!
If you're reading this please say a silent prayer for the sites!


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