August 16, 2008

Exchange transfusion x 2

We've done it once in the past 2 years and this weekend we did it twice! Exchange transfusions have been rare at our hospital, but yesterday I ended up with a neonate with Rh iso-immunisation and hemolytic jaundice and did an exchange transfusion. Betsy helped out and the procedure went on well even though Praburam was not around.
Unfortunately today the jaundice started increasing again and Betsy also was not around. I ended up doing the second exchange transfusion alone with the help of nurses. Both times we did it late in the night, but thankfully things went on well and the baby had no problems!
Praburam and I have always been saying that there are no exchange transfusions around - but this weekend I went solo, did a double exchange transfusion and everyone was still intact!
My mind shudders when I think of all that could have gone wrong and am thankful for Gods watchful eyes during the procedure and after!

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