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So how long does it take to prepare a 15 minute drama which is supposed to be the highlight of the Hospital Day celebrations, includes sound effects, lots of props, plenty of comedy, has interwoven movie dialogues and pure slapstick comedy. Two late nights of script-writing, scouring around for some props, google searches for dialogues and soundeffects and one practise session later we had everything worked out.
The screams of voices, applause, whistles and cheers that greeted us when we walked on stage and continued throughout this comedy skit was proof that we did well. Noone expected the doctors to let down their hair, throw caution to the winds and let loose on stage with this kind of comedy and fun! Even the pastor and bishop had a fun time.
We did present some parallels to our hospital and the response was great!
We represented our boss using a popular movie character called Baasha (played by Rajinikanth) - the cheers when th title music was played and I walked on stage dressed like boss .... see it in this video clip!


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