June 29, 2008


So how long does it take to prepare a 15 minute drama which is supposed to be the highlight of the Hospital Day celebrations, includes sound effects, lots of props, plenty of comedy, has interwoven movie dialogues and pure slapstick comedy. Two late nights of script-writing, scouring around for some props, google searches for dialogues and soundeffects and one practise session later we had everything worked out.
The screams of voices, applause, whistles and cheers that greeted us when we walked on stage and continued throughout this comedy skit was proof that we did well. Noone expected the doctors to let down their hair, throw caution to the winds and let loose on stage with this kind of comedy and fun! Even the pastor and bishop had a fun time.
We did present some parallels to our hospital and the response was great!
We represented our boss using a popular movie character called Baasha (played by Rajinikanth) - the cheers when th title music was played and I walked on stage dressed like boss .... see it in this video clip!

June 23, 2008

640 kilometers

A cricket match, 400 meter sprint, lime soda at FSM, 2 nights on the bus, 640 kilometers, a home-check, Ashraya, a ride to locate Mr. Ayyappan, a wedding reception, 2 hours through congested chennai roads, a mad rush to the bus stop (made miraculously easy in a luxury bus) and back to Trichy - that sums up the weekend. My age finally seems to be catching up - I have vague body pains and actually felt a little tired when I was at work today. A few hours of extra sleep in the afternoon and I was back in form, just waiting for Becky to join me tomorrow - that will spruce me up big time!
Wonder how God gives humans strength for so much action - guess the creator knows best!!!

June 21, 2008


Cricket under the blazing sun - that was the highlight of today. It was a part of the hospital sports celebration (in view of the hospital day coming up).
The action packed 12 over match saw me taking an impressive catch (even the tree branches couldn't stop me), being the batsman with the highest strike rate ( 2 runs off 2 balls = strike rate of 100%), help run out Ben and also end up on the losing side. The hero of the match was Rajendran - the single over he bowled ensured we lost the match as the ball disappeared out of the ground several times!
Other activities made sure we were all well-dehydrated at the end of it all and managed a trip to FSM for some Lime Soda.
Howzzat for an eventful day!

June 11, 2008

Potters Hand

I've seen clay being fashioned into pottery on TV several times. This was my first live demo. We saw this in Kumarakom by a local potter. It was much more breathtaking seeing the real thing! It took about 10 minutes to transform the ugly lump of clay into beautiful pottery - deft touches of his hand, careful molding, a flick of his wrist and the transformation was complete. Each touch made it more complete and more beautiful. I couldn't help but think of the bible verse
Isaiah 64:8
Yet, O LORD, you are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand.
And the song that sprang to my mind was Potters Hand
"Take me, Mould me, use me, fill me
I give my life to the Potter's hand
Call me, guide me, lead me, walk beside me
I give my life to the Potter's hand"
Here's a video of the potter at work!

To download the WMV file
For more such videos

June 4, 2008

Kumarakom cruise

Vacation time!! Finally Becky and I were on the train to Kottayam and were picked up at the station by a cab and late in the morning we reached Kumarakom - the enchanting backwaters of Kerala. What followed was an amazing mixture of luxury, a feeling of royalty, merging one with nature and hours of just ogling at nature.
Imagine 28 cottages spread over 17 acres of garden, canals and bridges. And then imagine - we were the only people there. We were treated like royalty! The cottages were quaint, the gardens lush green (in the middle of summer!) and the pool inviting. We felt like a King and a Queen with people to serve us food of our choice, clean up the room and help us!
Besides the relaxing time the highlight of our trip was discovering the beauty of Gods creation - water, clouds, the sunset, lakes, fish, greenery and twilight opened our eyes! Its so weird - we seem so busy to notice these and it took a vacation to truly discover God beauty.
The 20 hours we spent on a houseboat cruising through the backwaters was a very different experience!