May 5, 2008

Chennai Tiruchi Dubai

Today was the day Appa and Amma finally flew to the US via Dubai! Becky and I helped do the final packing and rearranging and finally through the lost keys, gifts, medicines and meals we had 2 big suitcases and 2 hand baggages looking neat and tidy. We double-checked everything at home and around midnight went to the airport. I was a tad nervous as I was worried that the queues would be long and Appa and Amma had no help. But a few minutes after we bid farewell Appa called and said that as they were senior citizens they were given priority and never waited in any of the queues! At 2 AM we drove back to Trichy - Venkatesh at the wheel. The car was loaded with the computer, guitar and stretches of the road were bad. We saw three accident sites on the way - these may have happened an hour or so before we crossed these sections of the highway. I didnt sleep much and we reached Trichy safely at 8AM. Its funny - by the time we did the 320 KM to Trichy Appa and Amma had done the 3000 KM to Dubai! Ooh... the marvel of modern transport!
I also realised that travel on roads is not a piece of cake - evryday people die on the highways; some due to carelessness and others helplessly the victims of other peoples mistakes. I really wanna thank God for the safety he provided and the comfortable journey!

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