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Seemed like a pretty easy trip to make - we had booked tickets and were supposed to leave at 1 Pm on Thursday after work for an extended Easter weekend home with family esp Sheba and Jitto.
On Tuesday evening Praburam had to leave urgently as his brother was unwell. That left a huge question-mark over our departure! Fortunately I got a call on wednesday and he said he'd be back in Trichy by Thursday at noon.
I manned OPD alone and tried to finish off work at 12 noon and bingo - there was a sick kid who landed up exactly at 12 noon. Praburam was still an hour away and as our ventilator was not available I had to refer the child to Suresh. Becky got stuck with a case at 12.15 PM but by 1 PM we were ready to leave. To make things easier Praburam offered to drop us at the Railway Station in the car that they had driven down in.
Just after we reached the station the clouds opened up and heavy rains thundered down on us!
Now we were taking a train that was coming from Guruvayur to Chennai via Trichy and soon discovered a problem - there was an accident involving another train derailment and the train from Guruvayur was halted! Uh-oh!
The train from Chennai to Guruvayur running in the opposite direction was halted at Trichy and then turned back as the train we were supposed to be travelling in!! And all this happened in the half hour we waited at the station. Soon we were whizzing through pouring rain and reached chennai 45 minutes late but still wondering how the timings the routes and everything worked out so well.
I know for a fact that a LOT of passengers went through hell because their trains were cancelled, rerouted or delayed. I wonder how we managed to reach Chennai without ANY trouble at all. As Becky put it - "Well, we asked Jesus to help have a safe journey las night itself!"
And to top it all up we managed to surprise Sheba and Jitto at Titus uncles house and then we were up till 4 AM playing a game called CRANIUM! Are we bonkers?


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