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Inspite of staying up so late Becky and I along with Sheba and Jitto managed to go the the afternoon Good Friday service, It was a blessing and we enjoyed the 7 messages and the 3 special songs.
Traditionally the 7 messages are on the Seven words Jesus spoke on the cross - but at church today the seven messages were the following
1. Jesus in the hands of a religious man (Caiaphas)
2. Jesus in the hands of a secular man (Pontius Pilate)
3. Jesus in the hands of a cynical man (Herod)
4. Jesus in the hands of a treacherous man (Judas)
5. Jesus in the hands of a faithless man (Simon Peter)
6. Jesus in the hands of erratic men (the crowd)
7. Jesus on the cross

The content is too much to be blogged here but I guess you can imagine how blessed the congregation was.
What about you? Were you blessed at church today?


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