March 21, 2008

Good Friday at church

Inspite of staying up so late Becky and I along with S and J managed to go the the afternoon Good Friday service, It was a blessing and we enjoyed the 7 messages and the 3 special songs.
Traditionally the 7 messages are on the Seven words Jesus spoke on the cross - but at church today the seven messages were the following
1. Jesus in the hands of a religious man (Caiaphas)
2. Jesus in the hands of a secular man (Pontius Pilate)
3. Jesus in the hands of a cynical man (Herod)
4. Jesus in the hands of a treacherous man (Judas)
5. Jesus in the hands of a faithless man (Simon Peter)
6. Jesus in the hands of erratic men (the crowd)
7. Jesus on the cross

The content is too much to be blogged here but I guess you can imagine how blessed the congregation was.
What about you? Were you blessed at church today?

March 20, 2008

Trichy to Chennai

Seemed like a pretty easy trip to make - we had booked tickets and were supposed to leave at 1 Pm on Thursday after work for an extended Easter weekend home with family esp Sheba and Jitto.
On Tuesday evening Praburam had to leave urgently as his brother was unwell. That left a huge question-mark over our departure! Fortunately I got a call on wednesday and he said he'd be back in Trichy by Thursday at noon.
I manned OPD alone and tried to finish off work at 12 noon and bingo - there was a sick kid who landed up exactly at 12 noon. Praburam was still an hour away and as our ventilator was not available I had to refer the child to Suresh. Becky got stuck with a case at 12.15 PM but by 1 PM we were ready to leave. To make things easier Praburam offered to drop us at the Railway Station in the car that they had driven down in.
Just after we reached the station the clouds opened up and heavy rains thundered down on us!
Now we were taking a train that was coming from Guruvayur to Chennai via Trichy and soon discovered a problem - there was an accident involving another train derailment and the train from Guruvayur was halted! Uh-oh!
The train from Chennai to Guruvayur running in the opposite direction was halted at Trichy and then turned back as the train we were supposed to be travelling in!! And all this happened in the half hour we waited at the station. Soon we were whizzing through pouring rain and reached chennai 45 minutes late but still wondering how the timings the routes and everything worked out so well.
I know for a fact that a LOT of passengers went through hell because their trains were cancelled, rerouted or delayed. I wonder how we managed to reach Chennai without ANY trouble at all. As Becky put it - "Well, we asked Jesus to help have a safe journey last night itself!"
And to top it all up we managed to surprise S and J at Titus uncles house and then we were up till 4 AM playing a game called CRANIUM! Are we bonkers?

March 19, 2008

Shot in the Arm

bullet shot in the armAnother kid who had an accident at home! Grampa used an airgun to scare monkeys away and left the gun carelessly in the house. Eight year old kid picks it up and shoots herself in the arm. She comes into the ER with a little pain and some swelling. an Xray confirmed our fears - the metal pellet was lodged in her arm - thats the white blob that you see right next to the bone. She now needs a surgery to remove it!
I was appalled at the lack of remorse by the grandfather! This child could have ended up dead, blink or seriously sick but was lucky!! I guess God watches over the kids even if their grampas don't!
(But that is NOT an excuse to be careless and home and almost killing your own kid / grandkid!

March 16, 2008

Who am I

My brother Arun emails me only when necessary and usually its very short and to the point! Today I got an unusual 1 line email. Both the subject and the body had this link

Yup its a youtube video. I waited patiently for the video and the next 5 minutes simply blew my mind away! This choreography performed to the song Who am I by Casting Crowns is too amazing for words. Click the link below to watch it.
Casting Crowns Who Am I choreography performed by UPCI Youth group

March 15, 2008

Playing in the rain!

So its only kids who love to play in the rain stomping around puddles sliding through wet sand and getting drenched and dirty??!
Hmmmm..... then all of us must've just revisited our childhood. Through a stiff drizzle there we were playing shuttle badminton on the sand court like there was no tomorrow!We kicked up a lot of muck but refused to stop and at the end - there we were - wet and muddy and sweating - sweat, mud and rain merging together!!
So its only kids who love to play in the rain stomping around puddles sliding through wet sand and getting drenched and dirty??! You may want to reconsider that??!

Unconditional Love

I participate in a few forums for discussing anything I want to and responding to queries that I can contribute to. I once posed this question on a forum:
How did it feel when you held your first child after he/she was born?
This answer touched me. I dont know this person at all but I hope she also understands Gods unconditional love through her experience.
My first pregnancy was a nightmare of doctors telling me that my baby would be deformed, mentally inadequate, etc. etc. One specialist tried to convince me to give up the child at birth as the challenge of raising it would be costly emotionally and financially and there was no guarantee that it would live very long anyway. So the day of delivery was a nightmare of fear and pain and more fear. I had a c-section and was awake through the whole thing. I remember not being able to move, but I was awake. When the baby was removed from me I literally held my breath waiting for the*verdict*. After what seemed like eons, one of the nurses put a small bundle on my right breast with the baby's head on my shoulder, face to mine. It took quite an effort of will, but I was able to turn my head just enough to look into my baby's eyes. There was such light there, such peace and intelligence that I literally felt the earth stop and within a heartbeat, begin moving again. I will never forget it. I knew in that instant that my baby was fine. The nurse told me that he had all his limbs, fingers and toes and appeared normal in every way. That child has grown strong and fine and is an honour student. Holding him for the first time was a gift from God and a vindication of the power of faith and love. I wish you less heartache than I had pitstop and can only tell you that when you hold your own child for the first time, you will finally understand the meaning of unconditional love and it will change your life and light up your soul.

March 10, 2008

Whazzat @ Trichy!

Trichy never fails to amaze me with all its weird signs - a lot of my previous entries are about this phenomenon. Today we went to a small cosmetic store to buy some lip balm and my jaw dropped when I saw this notice stuck on their entrance. To be fair it is supposed to be 2 separate notices - but hey!- when you stick them so close to each other you tend to read them together. Here is a picIf the mobile pic was not clear enough here are the 2 notices:
1. Wanted Sales Girls.
2. OFFER. Buy one get one free!
Nope - its not to be read together!!!

March 8, 2008

Birthday Baby Becky

Today was Beckys birthday! And that meant a lot of things to try and make it memorable for her (and me!) to be executed by this blog author - me!
I simply threw in a standard cocktail - her favorite cake and some snacks (including her favorite Mysore Pak sweet!) and called up the other docs to barge in at 12 MN! That would be a great way to start. So there we were 12 Midnight - Praburam and Rajendran at a movie theater; Arun and Catherine sleeping beyond chance of waking and Gokul and Prakash not responding to SMS/Missed calls. My plans seemed to be ready to vaporise. Finally at 12.15 there was a hushed knock on the door - I opened it with enthusiasm and there was Prakash in Pajamas - Er... am I late. It started as a whimper but soon Gokul brought in the cake and Rajendran and Praburam zoomed back with Ben dropping in and Lakshmi also joining us. After the bash it was nighty night and lights off. I managed to make a hurried breakfast for Becky. In between all her trillion phonecalls she hogged it. And then I tried my luck - snooped out of work an hour early and bought some minced meat and after a long desperate phonecall wo my mom there I was trying to make Kothu Curry. Vessles, fire, masala, vegetable pieces and water were flying all around the kitchen as Becky walked in from work looking puzzled at the mayhem! It was actually great - well cooked and tasty!! And then the best part - i dont believe in coincidences; only God-incidences. I had ordered a pearl necklace and earring set for Becky 10 days ago and had hoped it would come in a few days ago so I could gift it to her. But God had a better plan - we were lounging on the sofa in the afternoon when the doorbell rang and there was the courier guy with the gift. (I still haven't gotten over this awesome timing!!).
Then amidst another zillion phonecalls she got the cookies Sheba had sent!
We then had a quiet dinner at The Sangam Coffee house (Cascade) and wound up the blessed day!
Its simply awesome when you rake up a few odds and ends ideas for a birthday and God puts all the pieces together to create a beautiful day!!