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This video is not for the weak hearted. This child had a dog-bite a couple of months ago and did not receive his vaccinations.He now has full blown rabies. he has both aerophobia and hydrophobia - fear of air and water. The child died the next day.
I strongly recommend that you vaccinate your dog and in case of a dog bite see a doctor to decide what to do. Delay and ignorance mean death.

Click here to see the video.


  1. Talk to the hand  

    A heart rending video..cant help but wonder what is the point putting it up on You tube ?? Education?? Hope you've taken a consent from the little boy's folks...i still feel its an invasion of privacy...

  2. Benji  

    The parents were informed of the video being taken and shared. You'd be surprised at the number of educated people who have unimmunised dogs or have had dog bites without taking the vaccine. Since the boys identity is not made public and the face is blurred out I'm not sure if it warrants an Invasion of Privacy seal on it

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