February 9, 2008

A food story

This is the sequence of events. Yesterday I went to the supermarket to get some regular stuff. I got everything except the Idli Maavu (for making breakfast the next day) which was not available. Becky had already made the Saambhar for the idli and for lunch last night (she normally makes it only in the morning or at lunchtime). As the maavu was not there we had bread for breakfast and so there was extra unused saambhar which we decided to use for dinner. Becky got really late at work today and we felt happy that the food had already been cooked so we could get to eat lunch straightaway!
Now the miracle does not stop there!
I got a call for Juliet who said, "Benji - do you have some eggs? I've been stuck at work and need to cook something for my kids. They need to rush out for a school program." We did NOT have any eggs - we'd used up the last egg for breakfast!
End of miracle??!!
There was a simple 2 point solution
1. Give the extra saambhar to Juliet so she could use it with the rice.
2. Hop across to Catherines house and borrow (or steal) some eggs.
Both steps were completed in 3 minutes and soon we were all happy - food for the tummy and praise for our hearts!
Juliet summed it all up when she took the eggs and Saambhar from me - God Bless You, she said.
If only she knew the series of steps and events that made it possible!!
Bottomline: There are no coincidences in life - only Godincidences! A coincidence is when God performs a miracle and decides to stay anonymous!


S Ramanathan said...

last line, dint really get u! sorry! but if u r relating the incident to god..well, i wudnt do it. and if it is the right opposite, then, spot on..!

Setu said...

heh.. u can say that. although i agree with ramanathan.
anyway, cheers!

satnam said...

i liked d way of writing