February 29, 2008


Praburam and I try hard to manage all the children ourselves in our hospital and never refer a child. If we need a second opinion we usually send them to Vellore to meet one of our Professors or Specialists we know.
Right now we have a baby on a ventilator and it will be at least three days before we can take him off it. Then out of the blue - TWINS! Born at 32 weeks and very tiny. Both of them had severe breathing difficulty and my gut feeling was that they would not hold on for too long. So I made a couple of phonecalls and sent them in an hour to another hospital. It was a wise decision as a few hours later one of the babies needed to be ventilated.
Later I had a 13 year old guy who came with severe abdominal pain after a fall while running down the stairs. An Xray revealed air under the diaphragm - he had a hole in his intestines. Unfortunately they said they could not afford surgery here and hence decided to take him to the Government Hospital. Both the Pediatric Surgeon and I felt it was OK as we had resuscitated the child well and he was stable.
Inspite of your best efforts sometimes we need to do such things and I guess its an integral part of clinical decision making - prompt decisions and early referrals where needed.
I thank God for the wisdom and the uneventful transport of these childre. Hope they all do well.

February 21, 2008

Addicted2jesus SMS service

I started this a few years ago when airtel allowed us to send free / cheap SMS. I soon had more than 100 contacts (Indian and International) who subscribed and were receiving cool Christian quotes/ thoughts every week or so. The process took quite some time. It was easy on my old Nokia and when I got my Sony it became a little more difficult and over the last couple of months there were lots of sending errors. A few weeks ago I bumped into my friend Bijoi online and he introduced me to a service that allows you to do it online for free and with just a single click! It saved me a lot of time and effort - no more hitting send a hundred timed etc etc - type it in and click send to all!
If you still are not a subscriber do it now - its FREE.
Click here to add your mobile number to the list and receive free uplifting SMS from me @ addicted2jesus.com!
I thank God for this service and the amount of time it saves me. Needless to say I am very regular in sending out the SM now - you can see the list of thoughts / quotes sent here @ SMSgupshup

February 14, 2008

My Valentine - season two

Season one last year was 300 km apart, engaged and held together by ebay, courier and furns 'n petals!
Season two saw us in the same house, married and no space to plan a surprise.
But to cut a sweet story short - I managed to sneak in some surprises although the rose, cushion and chocolates spent a lonely light out int the cold in my bike!!
I also managed to get in some sausages for lunch - made it myself (followed the instructions which said heat for 3-5 minutes in oil!!)
Here's a pic!

February 11, 2008

The uncertainty of life - Rabies

This video is not for the weak hearted. This child had a dog-bite a couple of months ago and did not receive his vaccinations.He now has full blown rabies. he has both aerophobia and hydrophobia - fear of air and water. The child died the next day.
I strongly recommend that you vaccinate your dog and in case of a dog bite see a doctor to decide what to do. Delay and ignorance mean death.

Click here to see the video.

February 10, 2008

Church Dedication

Very busy night, sick babies, minimal sleep, multiple phonecalls, rounds to do in the morning, on call, a call at 8AM - a great menu to bunk church this morning. Add to this the fact that todays service was at a new place further away and it was a longer special service expected to last more than 2 hours. I slumped back into bed at 8.30 AM groggy - the service was supposed to start at 9 AM! Then somehow Becky encouraged me and after a hurried breakfast I peeped into all the kids in the ward and we rode off in search of the new place where our church was gonna get relocated. We reached after the worship time. We got places to sit and boy! Was it a blessed time!! I got a few phonecalls and Praburam took care of one that needed to be seen quickly. The service went all the way beyond 1 PM and we managed to be there till the very end!! Now how on earth was that possible!! We skipped the special lunch at the church and came back home after picking some food on the way.
I still cant believe we did it - surely we needed strength and encouragement from above to go to church and in the end it was a blessing to us!!
Please do pray for the church relocation - there is still a lot of financial needs and the building is gonna take a long time! But I'm sure God already has a way planned to make it glorious!

February 9, 2008

A food story

This is the sequence of events. Yesterday I went to the supermarket to get some regular stuff. I got everything except the Idli Maavu (for making breakfast the next day) which was not available. Becky had already made the Saambhar for the idli and for lunch last night (she normally makes it only in the morning or at lunchtime). As the maavu was not there we had bread for breakfast and so there was extra unused saambhar which we decided to use for dinner. Becky got really late at work today and we felt happy that the food had already been cooked so we could get to eat lunch straightaway!
Now the miracle does not stop there!
I got a call for Juliet who said, "Benji - do you have some eggs? I've been stuck at work and need to cook something for my kids. They need to rush out for a school program." We did NOT have any eggs - we'd used up the last egg for breakfast!
End of miracle??!!
There was a simple 2 point solution
1. Give the extra saambhar to Juliet so she could use it with the rice.
2. Hop across to Catherines house and borrow (or steal) some eggs.
Both steps were completed in 3 minutes and soon we were all happy - food for the tummy and praise for our hearts!
Juliet summed it all up when she took the eggs and Saambhar from me - God Bless You, she said.
If only she knew the series of steps and events that made it possible!!
Bottomline: There are no coincidences in life - only Godincidences! A coincidence is when God performs a miracle and decides to stay anonymous!

February 6, 2008

The cook!

Yes I did it!! I cooked lunch for the first time in my whole life!! Becky kinda dictated what I needed to do and soon there was rice, rasam and potato curry at the dining table and both of us were polishing off a seemingly delicious lunch!! Well so much for my first cooked meal. But I am no stranger to the kitchen.  I'll leave you with a lic of my meal.
(There was a major powercut and we took this shot with a mobile cam. Yup.... the whole thing tired me out!)

February 4, 2008

Whazzat @ Trichy

Another typo blooper I saw at the Kaveri Supermarket today. It was in the deodorant spray section and was meant to discourage people from trying them on simply. Nothing too funny, but I would have expected them to pay a little attention to their spelling!

February 1, 2008

Inbetween times

We're at Coimbatore today for Josies wedding. The engagement was in the morning and the wedding in the evening. There was about 3 hours inbetween. This time meant different things for each of us.
- Get back to the hotel
- Change
- Wait for Ajju to pick her up
- Go to the Beauty Parlor
- Hair etc
- Change Sari
- Wait for car to drop her back at the hotel
- Go for the wedding

- Help distribute snacks to some people staying at Vijay Paradise Hotel
- Decorate the wedding car
- Recheck everything with Josies mom
- Get dropped back at the hotel
- Dress up
- Go for the wedding

Becker, Mama and me
- Get back to the hotel
- Crash/Watch TV
- Get dressed
- Go for the wedding

Woah! A guys life seems so much simpler!!
The bottomline?
Inspite of complicated varied schedules the ladies got ready as early as the guys and we all went to the church ahead of time and helped out etc etc. Thats a combo of efficient ladies and relaxed guys for you!!
To add a Biblical touch "And we know that all things work together for good to those that love God". We could truly feel His presence and had a blessed time through the busy schedules and all the madness that goes on with weddings!!