January 14, 2008

Road Rulez - the PLANK

I left at 8.45 Am today to pick up Becky from the Railway station. As usual I cringed everytime I hit a bump. I stared aghast as I found a few depressions and cracks on the road filled hastily with big stones actually causing more harm than good. Pedestrians scooted across in front of me. A guy with his wife and kids on a bike dangerously overtook me and then screeched to a halt as a cyclist cut him off. An old lady sauntered across the road in her own world. Buses thundered past me. A car zoomed past to beat the lights while in the opposite direction several motorists jumped the red light. I made it safely and reached back with Becky.
The Trichy road rules just dont exist. People dont follow them. I almost always mutter about this when I ride. I give people dirty stares. I occasionally shout at them I brake hard when needed. My arms ache.......
....... and as usual......today....... I WORE NO HELMET.
Matthew 7:3 - Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?
(I sincerely hope you got the message from my musings above. If you didnt:
1. Always wear a helmet
2. before you criticize others for their mistakes - take a look at yourself too!)

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