January 31, 2008

Flowers for Becky

No - the flowers were not from me. Becky was the judge for the Nursing Students Flower Arrangement contest held today. I dont know why she was chosen as a judge and not me (On second thoughts maybe I DO know). The students had made flowers artificially by hand - not just the arrangement but each flower!! It was a great show of artistry and talent and Becky enjoyed the judging - especially being treated like royalty as she was the Chief Guest etc etc. Fortunately she did not receive any threats after the decision and prizes and we had a safe trip home (a 48 second ride on my Kinetic Honda).
Here's a pic of one of the smaller things they created.The bottomline: Man can try his best - but can never create something as naturally beautiful as what God created. God has however given man wisdom and talent to be like Him and enjoy beauty and make beautiful things. Can the Taj Mahal in all its splendour equal the beauty of snow capped mountains or lush green valleys?
Enjoy Gods creation today!!

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