January 31, 2008

Flowers for Becky

No - the flowers were not from me. Becky was the judge for the Nursing Students Flower Arrangement contest held today. I dont know why she was chosen as a judge and not me (On second thoughts maybe I DO know). The students had made flowers artificially by hand - not just the arrangement but each flower!! It was a great show of artistry and talent and Becky enjoyed the judging - especially being treated like royalty as she was the Chief Guest etc etc. Fortunately she did not receive any threats after the decision and prizes and we had a safe trip home (a 48 second ride on my Kinetic Honda).
Here's a pic of one of the smaller things they created.The bottomline: Man can try his best - but can never create something as naturally beautiful as what God created. God has however given man wisdom and talent to be like Him and enjoy beauty and make beautiful things. Can the Taj Mahal in all its splendour equal the beauty of snow capped mountains or lush green valleys?
Enjoy Gods creation today!!

January 24, 2008

Health camp

The student nurses as a part of their training held a free health camp for kids. Praburam and I were the chosen doctors (no other choice for the nurses!!) After dropping off Becky at the parlour we went to the camp and ended up seeing about 80 kids in a make-shift clinic. We had a useful time. The highlight of the camp was a health education program the student nurses organised after the camp. There was a traditional Villu paatu and a skit followed by a couple of talks. Praburam and I sat in the back and enjoyed the program as the kids were naughty and kept disturbing the proceedings. we managed to get back to the OPD on time and felt quite happy. I'll leave you with a pic of the program.

January 20, 2008

Another day of manys!

It was supposed to be a lazy Sunday but turned out to be actioned packed.
Wake-up call:
We woke up late. Now there may be excuses for this, but I think we should get a little more organised and wake up in time for church on Sundays.
Joseph comes in:
Joseph a Christian friend from Vellore dropped in suddenly to visit me. He'd been promising to do that for a few weeks. It was nice to see him. I love his faith and simplicity and I was awe-struck that he made the overnight trip just to see me. We traded stories and Becky made some awesome food inspite of no notice and we had a blessed time
Shuttle time.... again:
We got to thrash around again as we played shuttle badminton and broke out a good sweat. It feels so much healthier than sitting in front of the TV or the computer - you gotta try out some sport!!
Official Freddy Joseph fan:
I'm hooked. Freddy is a singer and preacher. He has an awesome voice and preaches really well - he connects well with the crowd and comes straight to the point when he preaches - no fancy jargon etc! We had a blessed day today at his meeting and felt very uplifted. You can visit Freddy Joseph at http://www.freddyjoseph.com/ and find out more about him! Have a blessed time @ the site.
It was sheer coincidence (God-incidence!) that I bumped into Ajay today. Ajay was a part of the worship team at our church in Vellore (Peniel Tabernacle). He'd stumbled into the Freddy Joseph meeting today while just driving around and we bumped into each other after the meeting. We scooted off to Sangam and caught up on stuff over dinner and came back late in the night.
Looking back - there was a lot that happened today. We started off lazy but still had a blessed time throughout the day. Thank God for arranging such a special day today.

January 16, 2008

A day of Many

Sorry for the bland title - but I couldnt think of anything interesting.
1. The day started off with Sruthika - a cute 1 year old girl who was admitted with a severe pneumonia and needed 10 days of expensive antibiotics before she was fit for discharge today. She's back to her bubbly self today and when I saw her today - there she was with a very macho looking mustache drawn by some nurse. She seemed to be enjoying it and I'm glad she got better. Here's a pic
2. Badminton: Yesterday all of us (Arun, Catherine, Praburam, Rajendran, Becky and I) went crazy and played badminton till it was too dark to see and we decided to make our own court and make it a regular. So today Becky and I wnet ahead and bought our racquets! I've gotta learn to make contact between the shuttle and the racquet, but besides that everything looks headed for a grand start!
3. No cooking day: We had lunch at one of the nurses house as they had a function and dinner was at a bakery - cake and pizza. The reluctance to cook today stems from the fact that our maid is sick (a painful ankle) and Becky is down with the flu. So we didnt have too many dishes to do too!
4. Reliance Power: I've been debating whether to put some money in this IPO as it is expected to open very strongly! I've been thinking about investments and stuff a lot lately as we realise our saving potential (or the lack of it!!) DNeero sent this timely survey for me!

5. An ATM withdrawal: Nothing peculiar about the transaction, but the following notice on the ATM made me nervous!
Whazzat @ Trichy again!!! Here's a picture proof of the same!
PS: My quick reflexes made sure I grabbed all the cash I needed.
Also please pray for Becky so she gets better quickly!

January 14, 2008

A hole in the head

"Look doc - I have a hole in my head"
Thats what Vigneswaran seems to be telling me in the pic below!
Unfortunately the story isnt as funny although it has a happy ending.
Vignesh was brough a couple of weeks ago after he fell off the gate which he was playing on. He had a huge swelling on the head and a black eye. An Xray and CT revealed a skull fracture. He was a little dull and drowsy and we started him on several meds, transfused blood (His Hemoglobin dropped to 6 gm%) and as soon as he was stable he was wheeled into the Operation Theater where a bit of his skullbone was removed and some blood clots removed. He make a speedy recovery and today he came for his suture removal. He was bubbly, naughty and fun - just like a normal 4 year old!
But I shudder to think what may have been - death? a life paralysed? A life like a vegetable? A life unable to speak / see?
He escaped and I thank God for it.
Please, please, please..... be careful when your kids play. Keep a watchful eye and if needed child-proof your house. They can do anything anytime!

Road Rulez - the PLANK

I left at 8.45 Am today to pick up Becky from the Railway station. As usual I cringed everytime I hit a bump. I stared aghast as I found a few depressions and cracks on the road filled hastily with big stones actually causing more harm than good. Pedestrians scooted across in front of me. A guy with his wife and kids on a bike dangerously overtook me and then screeched to a halt as a cyclist cut him off. An old lady sauntered across the road in her own world. Buses thundered past me. A car zoomed past to beat the lights while in the opposite direction several motorists jumped the red light. I made it safely and reached back with Becky.
The Trichy road rules just dont exist. People dont follow them. I almost always mutter about this when I ride. I give people dirty stares. I occasionally shout at them I brake hard when needed. My arms ache.......
....... and as usual......today....... I WORE NO HELMET.
Matthew 7:3 - Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?
(I sincerely hope you got the message from my musings above. If you didnt:
1. Always wear a helmet
2. before you criticize others for their mistakes - take a look at yourself too!)

January 1, 2008

New Year on the bus

Now thats not something anyone wants to do - enter the new year on a bus. But we did exactly that.
We wanted to spend New Year at Chennai with my parents, but could leave only after work on the 31st. So we took a bus at 7.30 Pm and at the stroke of midnight were dozing on the buz together. The reason we did that was to reach early on the 1st so we could goto church! It worked out and although we were tired we managed to go to church and have a blessed time. The bus got delayed in a few places but we reached by 5 AM and got ready and reached church before 7 AM! Thank God for his timings!!