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I received these 2 updates from Sheba:
The first email:
Uncle's BP is stabilised, but he is having mild fever, so they are continuing to monitor him.
Luke and Lisa have bad strep throat and cough...
ARun's family hasnt decided as to when they can leave MI because of the snow storm,..they are also very exhausted,..do keep praying. They r trying to catch some sleep here and there.

And the second email a few hours later:
I just spoke to Lisa and she mentioned that Uncle is recovering now..they are moving him out of ICU. Esli has landed in Detroit.
Arun's family have started driving back to WV. Please pray as the weather is harsh and it is a 6hour drive. Luke's cough has gotten worse, so they are taking him to the doc tomorrow. Lisa can barely speak,...Joel took the phone and said " Sheba Athai, i think Mommy didnt wear her cap,..now she cant speak because the snow fell on her". But he confirmed that he is taking good care of everyone and keeping Arun alert on his drive by talking continuously! He also says quick prayers, although 75% of it is always for Lutie!
We will call up arun every hour to check up on their drive.....
My cough and cold are almost gone, although Jitto's is still pretty rough. But Atlanta is much warmer than WV which is much better than bitter cold Michigan.
The last few days have been a pure test of our faith in Christ to move big mountains and it is so wonderful that we all united in prayer...
I will continue to send updates,...

If you read my previous entry, I hope you also read Joanna's update/comment:
Awesome ! Thanks for Praying Jayanth. This is Joanna... I am not sure if you remember me but we met you at Aruns wedding.. Yes Uncle Rao is Doing much Better by God's Grace and all your prayers.
He is in control and every situation that led to the heart attack, the hospitalisation, the angio, recovery..... In everything, In every step, we saw His hand leadin Uncle, Aunty, People who were needed to help , the doctors being htere on time, rescheduling his appointments to a much earlier time... Oh and the list goes on!
Finally, 'Nothing compares to the promise he has in HIM!'
God spoke to Uncel Rao about a month ago from a Calendar verse that said "I will heal your heart" Something in his heat told him that he will have a heart attack. Then God promised him from Isaiah 41:9,19

Thanks from all of us here, for praying for him.

Love in Christ,

And so this journey of faith keeps going on - with every turn a wonderful exposure of Gods love and grace!


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