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We missed Shebas call in the middle of the night as I was away to see a patient. This is her email which I saw first thing in the morning.
I just got a call from lisa. It seems at exactly 1:15p.m. (11:45 p.m indian time) his BP stabilised and the enzyme test results came out normal! Uncle started crying when he heard the news, as his condition had deteriorated so much and the Lord intervened miraculously. His whole church is on their knees in prayer and so are we. It is truly an asnwer to our unified prayer.
The doctors say that if his heart continues this way, the damage from the heart attack will not be significant.
Thanks for your prayers.
Prayer points:
1. Uncle's BP should continue stabilizing and the enzyme level must be controlled. (sorry if iam medically inaccurate)
2. The doctors and nurses have now been on this shift for 28+ hours continuously,..they are exhausted
3. Uncle's family : Rao Aunty, Ashish, Lisa and Esli
4. Esli is flying out of Hyderabad now
5. There is a snow storm in Michigan which is turning into sleet and so many are driving up and down from the hospital, esp arun,..pray for safety.
6. Luke is much better, but his cough and cold are aggressive.

Uncle's morning Devotion today was Acts: 3: 16 - "By faith in the name of Jesus, this man whom you see and know was made strong. It is Jesus' name and the faith that comes through him that has given this complete healing to him, as you can all see."

Please continue to pray....will keep you updated,

It made us all feel so blessed about how caring God is. As a doctor I still understand that he is not out of danger...... again Faith and Knowledge seem to contradict..... But I know that God is in control


  1. Joanna Perumalla  

    Awesome ! Thanks for Praying Jayanth. This is Joanna... I am not sure if you remember me but we met you at Aruns wedding.. Yes Uncle Rao is Doing much Better by God's Grace and all your prayers.
    He is in control and every situation that led to the heart attack, the hospitalisation, the angio, recovery..... In everything, In every step, we saw His hand leadin Uncle, Aunty, People who were needed to help , the doctors being htere on time, rescheduling his appointments to a much earlier time... Oh and the list goes on!

    Finally, 'Nothing compares to the promise he has in HIM!'

    God spoke to Uncel Rao about a month ago from a Calendar verse that said "I will heal your heart" Something in his heat told him that he will have a heart attack. Then God promised him from Isaiah 41:9,19

    Thanks from all of us here, for praying for him.

    Love in Christ,

  2. Ross  

    Great Testimony and information. Thanks Joanna. God Bless You.
    Ross uncle (Arun's father).

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