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Hmmm.. who am I? A profound question! More than 'who i am' what matters is 'who I belong to'. Read through my blog and website and find out who I belong to!


J is Beckys cousin and we were staying at their home in Udaipur while we were vacationing in Rajasthan. J has done extremely well in life and from humble beginnings as an Engineer, at 37 years in the Vice President of his company and is well settled. Inspite of his busy schedule and travel he spends quality time with family. All the money and fame has still kept the family very much down-to-earth. "I used to think a few years ago that I could never own my own new car. I got a second-hand Maruti800 and that was the best I could do I thought!" Today he zips around in either a Honda CRV or a Toyota Corolla and is waiting for the Audi A6 to be available!
His secret? This is what he told Becker a few months ago - "Your educational qualification may not get you very far in life. No textbook can get you far. The only Instruction Manual I follow is the Bible!" Awesome!
Amen to that!!


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