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So finally after all the zipping and zooming through air, road and rail I got back to where I started - back to the Doctors Quarters CSI Mission Hospital.
I'm just trying to compile the numbers and here is my first shot at it:
Trichy - Chennai (Road): 330 KM
Chennai - Ahmedabad (Air): 1900 KM
Ahmedabad - Udaipur (Road): 250 KM
Udaipur - Jodhpur (Road): 270 KM
Jodhpur - Jaipur (Road): 340 KM
Jaipur - Bombay (Air): 1200 KM
Bombay - Chennai (Air): 1400 KM
Chennai - Kodai Road (Rail): 460 KM
Kodai Road - Kodaikanal: (Road): 60 KM
Kodaikanal - Trichy (Road): 200 KM
And that does not include all the distances covered inside the cities visiting palaces and forts and shopping areas and malls and friends and lakes.... nor does it include the boat ride to see the Island palace and the short camel trip!
Air Distance: 4500 KM
Road distance: 1500 KM
Rail Travel: 460 KM
And thats almost6500 KM!!
Alls well that ends well and I'm thankful to God for the safety he gave us and also the comfortable trips. We were well relaxed and were rarely late. Even the airport halts were fairly comfortable. He IS the God of the earth, water and skies... or as these numbers show - the GOD of the Air, Rails, Road and Water!


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