December 8, 2007

Beckers day out!

This was Becker's (aka Peters) first visit to Trichy and the last 2 days we introduced him to Tiruchirapalli (AKA Trichy)... or at least the better parts! Yesterday saw him shopping at the Femina Shopping Mall (mainly for food items etc which Athai was buying!) and then dinner @ Raja Garden (actually in the garden). He also managed to have his eyes checked up by Sandeeps dad.
Today he went out and bought the chicken for lunch. And after the prayer meeting at home we chilled out a little and then went to McLawrence (AKA Namma Veedu) for subs/burgers and salads! His mouth dropped when he saw the cheap prices and the great food here - made it easier to polish off the sub! His last outing was the auto ride to the bus stand at 2 AM!
We're sure that he enjoyed the trip - but his best surprise was watching and eating what Becky cooked! Never in his wildest imagination could he be prepared for the delicacies that she made - beef, chicken, fried rice, biriyani, raitha.... the works. It was a great weekend and the highlight was definitely Becker!
Yeah.... and I'll leave you to drool at one of the meals Becky made!

1. Becker is Beckys brother
2. I DO help out in the cooking

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