November 30, 2007

Pray for Rao uncle

I just got this email from Sheba about Rao uncle - Lisas dad.
Please pray for Rao uncle (Lisa's Dad) as he had to go in for an emergency angioplasty after a routine stress test. We will let you know more about his health later. Alo please pray for Rao aunty who is very upset right now and for Luke who has high fever.
Details are still sketchy and we're not sure whats happening. Will keep you updated

November 24, 2007

Christmas Shopping

To be frank, I have never ever thought of buying stuff during Christmas. I guess thats the usual attitude of a bachelor doing a PG and buried in work. But then marriage changes things and this Christmas looks like its gonna be a little different.
Becky has already brought her dress. After a few years, I will actually be buying a new set of clothes for Christmas (color and design to be chosen, not surprisingly, by Becky). We actually bought a few cards. And we're already tree hunting. Some nice decorations seem a good idea too. Hmm..... we actually will not be getting presents and gifts for a lot of people.
But the bottomline? Christmas is NOT about stars and gifts and trees and decorations and new clothes and vacation and food and santa claus! Its about a loving God who sent His son Jesus to save the world. Period.

November 14, 2007

Whazzat @ Trichy

Its good to buy things a little cheaper than the marked price. FSM @ Trichy is one of the biggest shopping places and you can get everything about 5% cheaper. We do shop there quite frequently. But everytime we go there this sign pasted in a lot of places stumps us. Ok the message is quite clear, but the grammar and the unconnected eco message make it grin-worthy. Enjoy:

Figure it out and enjoy Trichy!

November 6, 2007

Ticket hunting

I finally got round to book a ticket for the trip to Chennai. No trains - so that left only the bus option! The best private buses were already booked as it was Diwali weekend. I hunted around for an hour in the hot afternoon and finally ended up booking the Government Airbus - slow and not the most comfortable. But thats all I could get for the weekend. I paid for the ticket on the dusty counter and pocketed it and rode back. A gust of wind suddenly blew the ticket out of my pocket and sent it flying onto the road! I almost didnt even realise it till I was about 50 meters away. I turned back and saw the ticket dancing on the road with vehicles zipping around it. Luckily I managed to retrieve it without a problem and folded it into my wallet - safer! I can imagine the frustration if I hadnt got the ticket! It wouldve been a waste of 1 hour, a lot of sweat and 380 rupees! I guess God uses even our carelessness to show He cares!! So - hope the trip to Chennai is less eventful. Stayt glued for updates

November 4, 2007

Becky @ the retreat

Today was the longest Becky and I were away from each other. I was on duty so i was stuck at the hospital and Becky went for a retreat organized by the hospital at a place 1 hour away. The day was quite eventful I started off early and went to church at 7.30 AM when Becky left for the retreat. I got no calls during the church service. Unfortunately I wasnt so lucky the rest of the day. Rounds took a long time and I had to squeeze in some shopping, cleaning and cooking (yes.... I said cooking). There were frequent interruptions and lots of sick children. Becky too came back tired but we had a joyful reunion (the 10 hours seemed like 10 days!). Even though we were tired look at the positives for the day:
- I managed to go to church
- Becky organised the games @ the retreat and they went on well
- Becky learnt lots of stuff (biblical, spiritual, political and hospital-related)
- At the end of the days all the kids were doing better
- I was home when Becky came and managed to make tea!
- I actually made my own lunch!!
- We stocked up on vegetables
Actually the list will keep going on - even busy times are a time when spiritually you are refreshed!