October 30, 2007

Letter from Appa - Gods Miracle

Its always very encouraging to get an email about Gods miraculous ways and even better when its from your parents.
Appa sent me this email today. Hope it encourages you too!
"Dear Children,
This morning we went to Indian Immigration department and met the Deputy Director. After verifying the papers he wrote a note to Immigration officer to extend the Visa till 07/09/2008. We got the token and waited for our turn. The officer (a lady) seeing the Deputy Director's note was upset and said "why you want to extend your visa...there are people waiting for more than 3 years and your approved papers have not yet come from New Delhi". We just kept quiet. She was arguing with other Immigration officers and tried her best to ignore her boss' instruction. Hearing her noise the Chief Immigration officer came out of the office and showed the immigration law where it said if person is married to an Indian and has stayed in India for more than 20 years, can get their visa extended in their City office and need not wait for approval from New Delhi. She had no other choice than to prepare amma's paper. Amma's visa was approved and we paid for 2 years from 2006...that too for Multiple Entry Visa! We have to go tomorrow afternoon and collect the passport with visa stamped. Keep praying for tomorrow's passport collection also.
What a marvellous God....it is just a God's miracle. We went and thanked the Deputy Director of Immigration. We recollected Jeyanth-Rebecca's wedding theme 'In His Time" and Rev. Santharaj's message during engagement from Ecclesiastes 3:1to8. The same sort of God's miracle happened when we wanted to attend Arun's wedding...that time Amma's passport and visa had expired and were not renewed for 8 years!
Thanks for all your prayers.
With love,

October 27, 2007

The truth can be hard!

I dunno whether it was a secret.... but today it was out and official - Aruns first reaction when he saw Beckys photo after we decided to get married. (Arun is my brother and is married to Lisa). The cat flew out of the bag as expected when 2 young ladies were talking on the phone - as is usual to happen when 2 ladies start talking!! The 2 ladies were Becky and Lisa and after the conversation I was officially introduced to the sentence my brother had proclaimed almost a year ago when Becky and I decided to get married.
"How on earth did someone like Jeyanth end up with such a pretty girl"
{{A minute of silence to let it sink in}}
The score
Me: -1
Lisa: -1 (for spilling the beans)
Becky: +5
Arun: -10 (I'm in a nasty mood!)
The next revelation from Lisa:
"I once told Arun that he needs to tell something nice about me once in a while and he replied saying - OK just write up a few good things and stik it on the wall and I'll tell 'em once in a while"
The final score
Me: -1 (no change)
Lisa: +9 (she deserves a lot more respect Arun)
Becky: +10 (well she has to get the top score!)
Arun: -100 (Bad line to say!)
Any comments!

October 24, 2007

The Bell

I received this forwarded email from my dad and found it really cute, awesome and meaningful.
This is an awesome e-mail.....someone took a lot of time setting up this message, I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did...
Here's the link:
The Bell: Keep this bell ringing...pass it on

October 23, 2007

Kids love to play

Just one of those perks when you are a paediatrician!!
I'd asked my parents to buy a couple of cheap toys on the train when they came home and they got two cute plastic toys. And did the kids love them - you BET!!
So here's a video of a kid playing with both of them - he could do it for hours if we allowed him to!!

The video is a low quality mobile cam video - but you dont need a high resolution camera to see that the kid is enjoying himself!

October 17, 2007

Gods Gift

I wonder how people can be grateful after a doc pulls out half her teeth!! Well, a dentist is the expert at that and Becky must be one of the best!! Dr. Juliet's mom had to have all her teeth pulled out in 3 sittings and today was her first section. To make a long story short it was expected to be difficult but Becky with her talent and patience did an awesome job. So why am I bragging...?
It happened when we dropped into Juliets OPD on the way back. Her mom was resting there after the dental extraction and beamed brightly when we walked in. After a little chit-chat she turned to me and said, pointing at Becky, "Gods gift to you!!". I nodded my head vigorously. Fully agree!!! Wonder how she found out the truth after a dental extraction though..... God uses weird ways to reinforce the truth.... and I'm one lucky guy!!

October 14, 2007

To church on time!

Nothing too fancy about this title right. Wrong!!
Becky and I woke up at 7.20 only and the church service starts at 8 AM. We hurriedly got ready, made coffee, bit into some breakfast and left home at 8.30 feeling a little guilty. We reached the church and noticed that a lot of people were coming out and a lot were just entering it!! Weird.....
A little inquiry revealed that from today the church timings were altered. - 7:30 AM was the English service for 1 hour followed by the Tamil service. As we hadn't been to church for a couple of weeks, we were not aware of this change.
We had an awesome time at church and also realized how much God cares for us - even when we are lazy, He has a plan and at the same time shows us the need to be more punctual to church. Becky and I resolved to go to church in time from next week and also to take more active part in the church activities. Hope we keep up the enthusiasm! IF you're reading this do say a prayed for us and our attending Church!

October 13, 2007


Am I too old for this??!! Considering the fact that my last few birthdays have been quiet affairs spent alone/at work/on call/writing exams/travelling etc the statistical probability that the latest one would also be another similar one was high. So was it?
Nope - statistically speaking a confounder stepped in and that changed the predicted path of the day, whipped it off trajectory and took it soaring to new heights of excitement! Yes - marriage and my pretty wife made today unforgettable!!
So what was in store - Seinfeld, Treasure Hunt, a shirt, a surprise birthday cake, a pacifier, fried rice, sausage, french fries..... the list wont stop!
It'll be too difficult to go through the entire day with a blog entry/

October 9, 2007

The Eggs-pert

Well marriage improves many skills and brings out skills that you never knew existed. Making an omelette is no big deal - it has never been a big deal. But making it in style? After a little practice, I've decided that the best method to break and start making an omelette is doing in single-handed. Thats just me alone and breaking the egg with a single hand! Yup - I love it; holding the egg in one hand cracking it on the side of the pan and pouring it onto the pan in one fluid motion. Ooh what joy. Truely proves that in married life, I am the eggs-pert cook!! Now only if that expanded to more areas...... Enjoy the picture- and yes.... you CAN try this at home!

October 4, 2007

Whazzat @ Trichy

Continuing the series on weird Trichy findings, let me introduce you to my Chicken Shop. Its called A-one chicken stall and is always bustling with people waiting to buy good chicken. So far so good! Now what I dont understand is what actually inspired these people to put this signboard outside the stall which says "FAT CHICKS chicken shop". I find it a little out of place. Do they actually want to sound that way or do they genuinely want to refer only to the chicken!! Anyway - the customers dont seem to give two hoots about it and just grab their chicken and leave. And noone's complaining as yet. So let sleeping dogs lie.....zzzzzzzzzz.....