September 5, 2007

Uh - oh.... did I actually do that??!!

I love helping out with the cooking.... usually. My specialties include beverages, grating and ... the chutney - a minced paste of coconut, onions, chilly, ginger and some greens. It was my task to do the honors tonight and I started off great - no looking at the recipe; just straight off the head cooking. After carefully grating the coconut (someday I'll let ya all know how I break the coconut) I put the mixture in a bowl and switched on the mixie to blend them together. The mixie roared into life as I turned on the power and it seemed strangely smooth... yup.... very smooth - because there wasnt anything in the jar!! Yes - I'd forgotten to put my mixture into the mixie jar! Fortunately only Becky was around and we had a riot of laughter in the small kitchen!! Thank God noone else knew about it or saw it- except Becky... and now YOU! Heck, now the whole wwworld knows it. No - I'm not going senile or demented. Just the usual slip of the mind in the life of a MAN! Stay tuned for more.....

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