September 30, 2007


Have you ever looked at your name and regretted that you were called by that name? Probably no!
Let me introduce you to a person who feels that way and also a phenomenon you hoped never existed. She is Pothumponnu and her frail, preterm baby is right now in our nursery getting stronger everyday. So what does her name mean? Pothumponnu, in tamil, means "Enough girl". She was called that because she was the third girl born to her mother and the family regretted it as they wanted a boy and they felt naming her that would put an end to their chances of getting another girl child. She has lived 20 years with that name - 20 years of waking up everyday realising she was an unwanted child. She has obviously gotten over it and is moving on in life, but I wonder why she hasnt changed her name as yet.
Evey child is a gift from God and it is time many communities in India break free from the belief that a boy child is more profitable and better than a girl child and that a girl child is more difficult to bring up - especially as marriage expenses and dowry (an illegal practice) mean more expenses.
I wish we could get the message across and this generation at least will realise that and break free from these social chains that bind.
I'm sure God is concerned about this trend and He would love to use you and me to send this message across. Just Do It!!

September 27, 2007

Message in a T!

Most baby clothes have sweet, cute things written on them like "Angel", "cute baby", etc etc. Today was a little different experience in OPD for me. There was this cute baby wearing a cute T-shirt and I couldnt help noticing the message it blared out: "The Nature is beautiful. We protect it!" Now that is a tender age to pass on such a relevant message! But its never too early to start. You can see the full picture by clicking on the thumbnail.... wonder when you or I wore a T-shirt with a social/eco-friendly message! Is it that we feel its not relevant or the fear that people may laugh at us? Do leave your comments!

September 20, 2007

Whazzat @ Trichy

Yup.... Trichy has quite a bit of those signs that leave you scratching your head and making you wonder if you ever knew english! Try this image that I've put on this blog. After scores of times of looking at it I still cant figure it out. It says "Say in to Healths!". The tamil slogan below that says, "Do not get addicted to drugs"
Absolutely no connection or sense - unless the dude who painted it was doped or delirious. What do you think. Did you achieve any enlightenment after reading this eye-stopping, brain-numbing scene in Trichy.
As usual..... life goes on!

September 14, 2007

Room with a view!

How romantic and refreshing! The very thought of waking up in the morning or coming back home after a tired days work - and throwing open the bedroom curtains and gaze out of the windows; sipping on a cup of hot coffee with soft music floating down from the speakers. To dream and plan your day, your future and your life. It should've been that way - but one look at the album here which shows the view out of our bedroom window and you'll understand why the above thoughts are just a figment of my imagination!!
Its gut wrenching - the window looks onto a garbage pile across the road and there are usually a set of eager animals feasting on the contents. The dudes seem to have a little timetable - so the donkeys, pigs, goats and the street dogs have their fill and dont interfere with each other!! The pigs look lousy but make cute sounds while the donkeys look cute and make lousy noises. the dogs are variable.
Luckily thats all there is to it- there is no smell or rabid sound that drifts into our room and unless you decide to peer out you'd never even know there's garbage and wildlife across the street! But we do know that there are big monstrous trucks and buses zipping past with big airhorns and drivers whose fingers are stuck to the horns and whose feet are attached to the accelerator! And sometimes the whole apartment shakes as the rip past!!
Life in Trichy is soooooooo exciting!

September 8, 2007

A blog about Trichy!!

Yup.... I actually found someone who blogs about Trichy - the city I thought was dull and drab and lifeless!! And the blog is sensible, informative, balanced, honest and refreshing! Its called
"Tiruchian - About Trichy from someone who loves it"
and I'm gonna rave about it to everyone I meet now.
Its quite popular too judging from the amount of comments on the blog. So theres a lot more happening in the city I stay in than I thought. You gotta read it too..... but first read EVERY entry in MY blog... or else...... (oh yeah.... I can be selfish at times!)

September 7, 2007

Oops I did it again!

state bank of India
Today was the Bank Day. I finally got the time to go to the bank to deposit our salaries. No problems. Took the cash, kick-started my bike, took the short trip to the bank and deposited the amount and got my passbook updated. I also spoke to the manager about an option called SBplus which would earn better interest rates for my money and will probably shift to that option soon. Feeling like I'd done a good job I rode back home, climbed up the stairs and was about to ring the doorbell when I saw it..... I had locked Becky inside the house! It was by force of habit - most times when I leave the house I lock it, and this time it was a reflex action. Fortunately Becky hadnt even noticed it and I had taken very little time!! It gave her an excuse to give me that very cross, oh-men-are-like-that-only look which I actually find cute!! Anyway all's well that ends well and we had an awesome lunch and then had a looooong chat with how to save money and invest etc. A very useful day it was!!

September 5, 2007

Uh - oh.... did I actually do that??!!

I love helping out with the cooking.... usually. My specialties include beverages, grating and ... the chutney - a minced paste of coconut, onions, chilly, ginger and some greens. It was my task to do the honors tonight and I started off great - no looking at the recipe; just straight off the head cooking. After carefully grating the coconut (someday I'll let ya all know how I break the coconut) I put the mixture in a bowl and switched on the mixie to blend them together. The mixie roared into life as I turned on the power and it seemed strangely smooth... yup.... very smooth - because there wasnt anything in the jar!! Yes - I'd forgotten to put my mixture into the mixie jar! Fortunately only Becky was around and we had a riot of laughter in the small kitchen!! Thank God noone else knew about it or saw it- except Becky... and now YOU! Heck, now the whole wwworld knows it. No - I'm not going senile or demented. Just the usual slip of the mind in the life of a MAN! Stay tuned for more.....

September 3, 2007

The uncertainty of life - a follow up

My entry on August 22nd shows a heart-stopping story about a baby who choked on a small box in his throat. So what happened to him? We'd discharged him a few days ago and today he came into OPD all bouncy and giggly!! I couldnt resist taking a short video clip of him. Amazingly he is back to normal with a cute, wide-toothed smile and you can see him give some naughty winks towards the end of the video clip! Another miracle child!
I thank God that this child survived well. In my profession many times the ending isnt so happy - but stories like this really encourage us to go all the way and never give up.
Click here to see the cute video of this miracle child on YouTube

September 2, 2007

The garage floor

Everyday I zoom into my 'garage' on my bike and park it there. Its nothing spectacular. My Kinetic Honda just lines up with a few other macho bikes in the common shed/garage in front of the apartment. A total of 6 of us use up the space efficiently with a kids bike thrown in usually! The floor is as messy as it can be. The shed does not have a door so it gets very dusty and has a lot of leaves and cobwebs around. Luckily the bikes are in pretty good shake - so theres not much oil on the floor and it does not have the oil-leak smell on it! But I wonder how I can ever clean it up!
The sorry state of the garage makes me think of the cobweb-ridden room I stayed in. Cobweb-ridden because I was too lazy to clean it! Those cobwebs actually inspired me to write a short article about how God cleans you up - read it here.
Are you ready to get cleaned..... my garage shed definitely needs it!