August 22, 2007

The uncertainty of life

It happened suddenly - a call from the ER staff at 10.30 PM saying there was a sick child in the ER. Within seconds I was there and the story unfolded. A 1 year old was happy and giggly and had started playing with a small box about 3 cm wide. And suddenly in a flash he thrust it inside his mouth. He was bought choking and hardly breathing with the father desperately having his finger in the mouth to prevent it going into his throat. I quickyly made an attempt, did the thrusts and back blow, used a laryngoscope to intubate and secure the airway. In the meantime the surgeon and anaesthetist had rushed in and the box was out. But the child had already been without oxygen for some time. He had seizures and was hardly breathing. This child is sick and there is a possibility of permanent brain damage. By the time I left the ICU it was 3 AM. The parents are aware of the status and we are all hoping for the best.
This incident obviously highlights that children should NOT play with items that they can choke on. It also made each of us realise how life can suddenly end. None of us are immortal and none of us are unbreakable. Today I am alive and tomorrow I dont know what will happen to me. My only security is the fact that my life is safe in Christs hand and that He is always looking after me. And even if anything happens my future is eternity by His side.
Are you sure of where you will spend eternity? If that thought worries you get down and say a simple prayer to Christ so your eternity is secured by His side. Lemme know if you need help!

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