August 24, 2007


This kid came to OPD today with a history of cough and breathing difficulty for a couple of weeks. He wasnt responding to treatment being given somewhere else. I examined him and found hardly any air entry on his left lung. I took an Xray and that is what you see here! The left lung was overinflated as there seemed to be something half blocking it - air was getting in and not getting out! I had to send him off to Vellore after speaking to Dr. Jacob and Sophie. I called up afterwards and found that they did a bronchoscopy and removed a stone lodged in his left bronchus! Eeks!! Wonder how it got there!! Anyway, I was very happy this kid survived uneventfully as he could have possibly died because of this. Served as a warning never to leave kids unattended - they can put anything anywhere!!
I'm also happy that I can always get help from CMC as it makes such things so much easier. Thank God for it!

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