August 24, 2007


This kid came to OPD today with a history of cough and breathing difficulty for a couple of weeks. He wasnt responding to treatment being given somewhere else. I examined him and found hardly any air entry on his left lung. I took an Xray and that is what you see here! The left lung was overinflated as there seemed to be something half blocking it - air was getting in and not getting out! I had to send him off to Vellore after speaking to Dr. Jacob and Sophie. I called up afterwards and found that they did a bronchoscopy and removed a stone lodged in his left bronchus! Eeks!! Wonder how it got there!! Anyway, I was very happy this kid survived uneventfully as he could have possibly died because of this. Served as a warning never to leave kids unattended - they can put anything anywhere!!
I'm also happy that I can always get help from CMC as it makes such things so much easier. Thank God for it!

August 22, 2007

The uncertainty of life

It happened suddenly - a call from the ER staff at 10.30 PM saying there was a sick child in the ER. Within seconds I was there and the story unfolded. A 1 year old was happy and giggly and had started playing with a small box about 3 cm wide. And suddenly in a flash he thrust it inside his mouth. He was bought choking and hardly breathing with the father desperately having his finger in the mouth to prevent it going into his throat. I quickyly made an attempt, did the thrusts and back blow, used a laryngoscope to intubate and secure the airway. In the meantime the surgeon and anaesthetist had rushed in and the box was out. But the child had already been without oxygen for some time. He had seizures and was hardly breathing. This child is sick and there is a possibility of permanent brain damage. By the time I left the ICU it was 3 AM. The parents are aware of the status and we are all hoping for the best.
This incident obviously highlights that children should NOT play with items that they can choke on. It also made each of us realise how life can suddenly end. None of us are immortal and none of us are unbreakable. Today I am alive and tomorrow I dont know what will happen to me. My only security is the fact that my life is safe in Christs hand and that He is always looking after me. And even if anything happens my future is eternity by His side.
Are you sure of where you will spend eternity? If that thought worries you get down and say a simple prayer to Christ so your eternity is secured by His side. Lemme know if you need help!

August 20, 2007

Wet and empty handed!

Home needed two things for the night -
1. Idli maavu (for dinner and breakfast)
2. Tomatoes (for lunch tomorrow)
We decided to scoot to a shop 10 minutes away and get our supplies. It was drizzling a 'little' and we felt it was OK. 30 seconds after we roared off on the bike the drizzle was a steady rain and it was getting worse. We literally rode into a shop just across the road where Becky jumped in to check for the idli maavu and I drove on to a small vegetable shop further down the road. The veg shop unfortunately did not have good tomatoes and I rode back to see Becky standing at the other shop entrance - empty handed; no idli maavu. By this time it was pouring rain and we took the short 45 second trip back home blinded by the rain. Within minutes we were back at home - wet and empty handed. Becky as usual improvised a quick, good alternative dinner and soon we were dry and satisfied.
So was the day wasted? No way!! We loved the rain and getting drenched. Its small instances like this that makes life soooo exciting and at the end of the day we were really happy - happier than if we had just gone to the shop and bought the stuff and come back

August 9, 2007

24 hours after she drowned

Life is certainly unpredictable. Last night we had a child who fell into a large bucket of water and almost drowned in it! She came in hardly breathing and with seizures. We did what was necessary. She was ventilated for 12 hours and after 24 hours there she was - so cute. She went back home after 2 days fully normal. You can watch a short clip on youtube

Never ever leave your child in places where accidents can happen. And remember - this life is uncertain. Are you prepared to face death? This girl was lucky enough to survive the accident.... thats her second chance at living.

August 7, 2007

Burnt tea

I love making tea. Today Becky was held up at work and I came home a few minutes before her. So I decided to make some tea for both of us. Simple task! Pour in the water and the milk and the tea leaves and some sugar and it was lying there on low heat on the stove. Then I got the phonecall - it took me 2 minutes to complete it. And yes... those 2 precious minutes was all it took to forget about the tea simmering on the stove. Soon the house was filled with the aroma of burnt tea and I hurriedly switched off the stove and attempted to clean the mess. The countertop and stove were soon clean - but the vessel? After a brief effort I decided it deserved a place in my blog and with a heart full of sadness and in a kitchen full of smoke I clicked it on my mobile and there - the whole wwworld can now see it. Becky came in a few minutes after that and yes... she was cool about it. We made some more tea and really enjoyed it!!