July 22, 2007

Weekend in Kodaikanal

On friday Praburam said he wanted to be on duty this weekend which left Becky and me with nothing to do over the weekend. So we decided to surprise her parents with a trip home to Kodaikanal. We spent Friday night hunting around for a cordless phone which we finally got just as the last shop was closing!! We hurried through Saturdays OPD and soon we were on a frightfully slow bus to Dindigul where we barely caught the connecting bus to Kodaikanal!! Soon we were climbing the winding roads and felt the wind start to chill!! As we took a taxi home I made a hurried phone to Athai with a story about my friend who wanted to drop off a gift for us at home so she would open the door at home without expecting us. The watchman unfortunately blabbered out the truth to Athai when she opened the door, but the surprise still worked!!
It was awesome!! We spent a loooong time chatting and eating a relaxed dinner and slept well.
Sunday was gonna be awesome as Athai was preaching at the CSI church and we felt really lucky to be part of the congregation.
You can listen to the sermon (in tamil) here
It was certainly a blessing as she was so practical and down-to-earth.
There was a food sale at the church for fundraising and we had a blast! Then there was lots of walking picking up our niece "Pretty" from school before we all had lunch at an Italian joint and did some carpet shopping etc etc etc. In short - an extremely enjoyable and refreshing day. All good things come to an end though and at 7PM we took a bus back to Trichy and soon were tucked into bed at home - in Trichy!
Thank God for such awesome weekend getaways and the chance to listen to our parents spread Gods Word!

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