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For Becky it was a dream come true!!
First of all there was this complicated patient with a mandibular fracture which she treated (with the help of her senior). And to top it all the treatment had to be done under Anaesthesia in the Operation Theater (OT)! So Becky got to wear the OT dress and look like the people in her favorite serial - SCRUBS!
The surgery went on great and the patient did well (We prayed sooooo much for that!!).
And yes.... Becky had her time under the limelight as she walked around like a surgeon (actually she is one!) and I caught her joy on my mobile camera. Such are the joys in life!
And amazingly after the long surgery she still managed to do a lot of cooking and we had a feast for lunch!! How does she manage all this - I gotta find out her energy source.......... maybe its me!!
Now only if I could cut that pic of Becky and put it on this pic of the SCRUBS team - gotta work on it - I'm sure she'll love it!


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