July 20, 2007

The bottle

As a responsible paediatrician, I strongly discourage parents from bottle-feeding their children. The single most important reason for this is the issue of hygiene/cleanliness. Bottles cant be safely sterilised and lots of dirt and bacteria accumulate on the rubber tip however hard you try. This translates into a higher risk of diarrhea in the children, hospital admissions and rarely severe risk to life. Every month we admit dozens of bottle fed infants with diarrhea and dozens more are treated as outpatients. Patient education works, but some people are just arrogant, stupid or think they will escape. This patient takes the cake though - a very innovative method to bottle-feed their baby. See the pic for details!!
I've never seen THAT before - a used whisky bottle with a rubber nipple to cap it off!! The parents got worried when I took the pic - but alls well that ends well! They promised not to bottle feed their baby again as there were safer options! Hope it works - i'd hate to see another baby go down with diarrhea simply because he hit the bottle!

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