June 30, 2007

Fun @ the exhibition

Beckys parents were visiting us for a few days and it was amazing to have them around pampering us with food and stuff. I was on call, but that did not hamper the excitement except for the few times I had to scamper off for C-section calls and emergencies. 30th June was our 1 month wedding anniversary (if there is such a thing) and we all decided to go to an exhibition on the outskirts of Trichy. I was a little worried as I was on call and we prayed that I wouldnt have to rush back.
And wow! Did we have fun @ the exchibition. The stalls were crowded and there was some great good. We especially enjoyed the lime soda and rice pappads! As usual Becky bought a pair of shoes. Athai and mama scooted off to enjoy all the rides - the roller coaster, the torratorra, the giant wheel etc. Becky and I decided not to do the head twirling rides. We all had the best fun on the Bumpy cars!! Er... we were just about the only adults on it, but we really rode hard and crashed and screamed like little kids!!!!
And how can I forget the "Scary House" which Becky and I explored. She was screaming the whole time as people dressed up which skulls etc popped out of the dark alleys and tried to scare us. I was amused and Becky was scared and I used the opportunity to hold her close to me!!
And the best part was that I did NOT get a single call from the hospital. Amazing.
We came back tired and crashed for the night.
You can see the pics here for more details about the fun@ the exhibition