April 4, 2007


We'd been planning to fumigate the Nursery for the last 1 week. This is where we physically seal the room and then use formaldehyde to sterilise it. This is done for about 48 hours and at the end of it everything inside including the room, the cradles, the phototherapy unit, the equipment, the walls are all sterile and bacterial contamination is eliminated. I decided to do it this week as we still have only 1 baby in the nursery (not counting a couple of other temporary babies just passing through for phototherapy or observation). The nurses worked hard to clean it first with soap and water and soon the doors and windows were sealed totally with duct tape to make it a leak-proof room and the formaldehyde got to work. I'm hoping that in the next 2-3 days we dont get any sick babies as we are using a temporary small room as the standby and it will be difficult to manage any sickos there. I'm sure God will keep things under control!
Hot news for the day: Becky made Biriyani today and everyone at her home was raving about it!! Poor me.... all alone at my quarters eating the Mess food....... waiting for 30th May!

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