April 6, 2007

The drive - Part II

Today is Good Friday. It meant that I only had to do rounds and wait for emergencies if any. I did that. But I didnt do what I should have done - I didnt go to church today. OK I can give you pretty acceptable excuses - I was on call, there were 4 cases in casualty (3 at 10 AM and one at 12 noon) which would have meant that I would have had to scurry back from church, I was tired etc etc. B ut I wonder whether that suffices.
Yesterday I rediscovered my drive to learn driving .... and today I discovered that my "drive" to go to church seems to be at an all time low. Part of the problem is that I havent got too many friends here and havent yet found a good church. But is that enough of a reason. Back at Vellore, I used to work extra hours, finish rounds early, request permission from my chiefs, do anything to go to church, lead and involve in worship and be known as someone who would be in church as much as possible. While I really miss the Peniel Tabernacle in Vellore and am yet to find such an exciting church here, thinking deeper into it I seemed to have gotten into a frame of mind when I am using my work as an excuse for not going to church. At the end of today I was feeling quite upset with myself because I didnt seem driven to go to church.
Now Becky and I have a wonderful time of devotion at night, but while it is awesome, that still is not enough...... God help me get closer to you. Gimme the strength and the drive.
And incidentally I DID go for my driving class today...... and Becky and I slept off without doing the devotional.........
Do say a word of prayer right now for me if you're reading this.... I need it.

April 5, 2007

The drive

You're gonna laugh at me, but I still dont have a drivers license for a 4-wheeler and can hardly drive a car! I'd enrolled for driving classes about 4 months ago but stopped after 2 classes - lazy bum with a million excuses. Finally I was inspired by the fact that Becky was touching up her driving skills at home (she already had a license) . I called up the guy and in the hot afternoon sun I finally restarted my driving classes! It felt a little weird and at times I was all over the road, but at least I seem to have started again! Hope th Drive lasts longer and I can get my license!

Fact of the day!

This morning when I went to receive the baby after a C-section, as is not unexpected the baby shot out a great stream of urine straight at me. The nurse who saw it said, "Doctor, if a newborn baby pees on you it means that you are getting married soon!" How true - I'm getting married in less than 2 months!! But is it true??! You see - the babys stream was good but his aim was bad - so he actually missed me by an inch! I hope that has no significance!!!!

April 4, 2007


We'd been planning to fumigate the Nursery for the last 1 week. This is where we physically seal the room and then use formaldehyde to sterilise it. This is done for about 48 hours and at the end of it everything inside including the room, the cradles, the phototherapy unit, the equipment, the walls are all sterile and bacterial contamination is eliminated. I decided to do it this week as we still have only 1 baby in the nursery (not counting a couple of other temporary babies just passing through for phototherapy or observation). The nurses worked hard to clean it first with soap and water and soon the doors and windows were sealed totally with duct tape to make it a leak-proof room and the formaldehyde got to work. I'm hoping that in the next 2-3 days we dont get any sick babies as we are using a temporary small room as the standby and it will be difficult to manage any sickos there. I'm sure God will keep things under control!
Hot news for the day: Becky made Biriyani today and everyone at her home was raving about it!! Poor me.... all alone at my quarters eating the Mess food....... waiting for 30th May!

April 3, 2007


Its funny - the stuff you learn from life that you already knew but it hits you hard when it actually happens!
So what happens when you let a cup of curd just stay there for 1 week? You're right - it becomes unbelievably curdled and inedible! thats a fact that i knew, but I really discovered it today.
i'd forgotten about a cup of curd that I had made last week and forgot all about it. So it lay covered in the warm kitchen corner till today when i decided to throw it out. So how did it look? The picture kinda shows you what it looked like! Trust me - it smelt worse than it looks. In a jiffy i discarded it and scrubbed the cup clean and used some air freshener. Five minutes and my kitchen was back to normal - no permanent damage done. Thank God for that!!
I also discovered another fact tonight which I already knew but is so exciting when it happens every night... speaking to Becky is the best part of the day! Right.... nothing to beat that.... and I know it everyday, but still everytime I speak to her it's like I discover it anew again.... and again.... and again....!

April 2, 2007

The number game

1+1 = 2
This is is just to show you that by mid-day I had 1 patient in the paediatric ward and 1 patient in the nursery. This is the lowest census I have ever had and it is worrisome. The wards need to fill up soon and I'm trying as hard as possible to do that!

Thats the total number of children I saw in OPD today. Paradoxically that's one of the highest i have ever seen!! Guess the inpatient and the outpatient numbers dont relate!

That was the number of idlis I discovered in my dinner carrier after I picked it up from the mess and opened it up in my room. The normal number of idlis I eat is 3-4 and today I managed to eat 8! I think the mess thinks I'm an idli-guzzling machine or something like that!!

The weight in kilograms of Mahalakshmi's baby as she occupies the nursery all alone. This is one of the lowest weight babies I have seen in the recent couple of months!

The amount in rupees it cost me to get my glasses repaired. The nose pad had broken in the afternoon and after my evening OPD I managed to get it repaired at the optical shop next to Dr. Sathia's clinic. it was my first time there and when he knew I was a doc he refused to take any cash for fixing a new nose pad. It would have otherwise cost me about 10 rupees! Well.... there are still some free stuff in the world!!

The number of days Becky has been in Kodaikanal this year!! She reached this morning and was very excited about it. The huge card that I had placed on her bed added to the joy. We spoke together quite often today and I kinda felt the excitement. It was good to see her excited and chirpy after a really tired fortnight in Chennai and we really had a wonderful time. We're now about 180 KM away from each other - not the usual 320 KM.... and that will be my final number crunching for the day!!

April 1, 2007

Three minutes with Becky!

The day started off fine with very lazy rounds and just as I was bout to pick up my lunch Sandeep called me and went off to his house and hogged on great rice and chicken with ice cream.
But that wasnt the best part of the day!
I then managed to sleep well in the afternoon and felt very refreshed. No calls to disturb me.
But that wasnt the best part of the day!
Had a long chat with Joyce who was leaving Vellore and was working on her US visa to start off with John Hopkins and get married. We discussed CMC, gowns, wedding etc etc!
But that wasnt the best part of the day!
Also had a loooooong talk with Becky as she packed up and left Chennai for Kodaikanal.
But that wasnt the best part of the day!
So what was the best part of the day?!
Well..... the bus to Kodaikanal would pass through Trichy at 3AM and halt for 3 minutes. So there I was awake at 2.30 AM and riding my scooter to the bus stand. I was on the phone with Becky. At 3.15 the bus cruised in and I hopped on..... and there she was - MY BECKY!! I held her hand and we got to speak for 3 minutes before the driver "ordered" me off the bus and then the bus with my Becky whizzed off. It had been three weeks since I last saw her and the brief meeting simply energised me! I've never known that 3 minutes could make a guy feel sooooo good. In fact I felt so excited that I forgot to give her the bar of chocolate I had bought for her! Crazy me.......
I rode back and snuggled into bed..... all alone!