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Around 9.30 PM I tried to use Skype to call up Sheba and Jitto. They had just gotten awake and I spoke to to Jitto before the lousy comp just kept hanging and switched off. Later on at 11.30 PM when I was on the phone with Becky Sheba called up and we spoke for some time. Sheba then called up Becky to speak some "gown stuff" which was not for me to know. Becky was tired and feeling a little down because she was leaving Chennai for good and today was her last day. But Shebas call kinda pepped her up a little.
Well so much stuff happening in life and phonecalls and chats keep them happening. I hope the gown purchase and shipping happen smoothly ... I really look forward to seeing Becky looking gorgeous in a gown on 30th May! I'm praying that I have the strength to stay steady when she walks down the aisle looking awesome and amazing.......... and dont collapse!! God help me!!
Today also reminded me of what a cool little sister I have. Sheba's probably running a 25 hour day with an 8 day week, but she's taking so much interest and spending a lot of time and effort to make sure Becky gets a great gown for the wedding and also that the Invitation Cards are good - all for her big little brothers wedding!! I'm blessed to have such a caring and affectionate sister!! God seems to have filled my love with such amazing people!!!


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