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Hmmm.. who am I? A profound question! More than 'who i am' what matters is 'who I belong to'. Read through my blog and website and find out who I belong to!


It happened without the least warning. Just as we finished Grand Rounds and were walking towards the library Dr. Winston (my colleague pediatrician) told me that he was leaving and today would be his last working day. He was moving to a Hospital at Perambalur with his wife. It took a long time for me to digest the news. That would mean that I would be alone and on call every day (Dr. Winston had done that for 3 years so it wasnt too worrying). What concerned me more was that I would find it very difficult to take leave for my wedding shopping and my marriage. I was also concerned that once Becky and I shifted in together after the wedding I would be unable to take leave or weekends off. What really broke my heart was that my planned surprise visit to see Becky on her birthday on March 8th would not be possible. In spite of all these God gave me peace and I know that over the next few months he will unravel awesome plans for Becky and I. Praburam will finish his MD in March and I hope that he will be able to join us - it depends on a lot of official decisions to be made by the Bishop and the Medical Superintendant.
I'm mentally prepared for the extra work load and am sure that God will work out a wonderful way to enjoy my wedding and married life - I trust in Him completely!


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