March 31, 2007

Speaking to S and J

Around 9.30 PM I tried to use Skype to call up S and J. They had just gotten awake and I spoke to J before the lousy comp just kept hanging and switched off. Later on at 11.30 PM when I was on the phone with Becky S called up and we spoke for some time. S then called up Becky to speak some "gown stuff" which was not for me to know. Becky was tired and feeling a little down because she was leaving Chennai for good and today was her last day. But Shebas call kinda pepped her up a little.
Well so much stuff happening in life and phonecalls and chats keep them happening. I hope the gown purchase and shipping happen smoothly ... I really look forward to seeing Becky looking gorgeous in a gown on 30th May! I'm praying that I have the strength to stay steady when she walks down the aisle looking awesome and amazing.......... and dont collapse!! God help me!!
Today also reminded me of what a cool little sister I have. S was probably running a 25 hour day with an 8 day week, but she's taking so much interest and spending a lot of time and effort to make sure Becky gets a great gown for the wedding and also that the Invitation Cards are good - all for her big little brothers wedding!! I'm blessed to have such a caring and affectionate sister!! God seems to have filled my love with such amazing people!!!

March 29, 2007

Before and after

Yup.... I did it!! I shaved the growth on my face today as I felt it would regrow more densely and more uniformly. My facial hair has a vague pattern - it grows as a moustache and then as a stubble on my chin and there's no connection between the two! It kinda looks unique and pretty cool I think (and Becky loves it). I'm hoping that shaving it will help it grow better. It felt weird seeing myself shaved and clean in the mirror as its been about 3 months since I did it. here are pics for you to compare and comment!

March 15, 2007


Over the last couple of days I had several babies in the hospital with a little jaundice. This is quite harmless and we treat it by putting the babies under tubelights ("phototherapy")
As I walked into the Nursery today the babies looked really cute - sprawled out under tha lights and sleeping!! Just one of those cute baby moments i managed to catch on my camera!

March 11, 2007

One day with Becky....

I reached chennai after a slow journey quite late in the night and slept with the excitement of knowing I'd meet Becky tonight.
We met at church and the service was awesome.
Back at home we sat and discussed the invitation cards and made out the format and the words. It felt really good sitting with her and talk about the wedding. The whole day was awesome - lovely lunch by Amma, a looooong chat on the terrace about marriage, kids, the future, work and lots more..... and suddenly it was time for dinner and my train. We cosied up in the backseat as Appa drove us back to the station where I got off and bid her goodbye. That emptiness gripped me again as I was not even sure when i'd see her again.
The SMS I sent Becky after that kinda reflects the feelings...."So here I am... alone again on a train... feeling the ache of saying goodbye to you now... and the joy of knowing we'll be together for eternity..."

March 8, 2007

Happy Birthday Becky!

Becky's birthday!! And there I was 320 kilometers away and all alone at home when i should have been standing at her doorstep with flowers and gifts and whisked her away for lunch, a movie and more!! But God made the day reallllly special.
At the stroke of midnight we were on the phone and I wished her and then sang a song I'd written for her! She loved it. She went to work in the morning and then went home to spend the evening with Appa and Amma. I'd couriered some gifts to her and my parents had bought some cake etc. I loved the way she sounded so excited over the phone. They went shopping and bought her a skirt and top. Appa made sure I didnt miss any of the excitement and sent me photographs almost as soon as they were taken! They finally dropped her off at home - and we were all so happy and excited..... me in Trichy and Becky, Appa and Amma at chennai.
And the most special part of the day? I had to go to St. Joseph College (where Becky and I had met for the first time) I managed to sneak into the room where we first chatted, call up Becky and tell her something special...... it felt awesome!
We spoke late into the night and even though we were so far apart, for me.... it felt like I was with her the whole day!!
Thank ya God!!!

March 2, 2007

Dr. Winston leaves

It happened without the least warning. Just as we finished Grand Rounds and were walking towards the library Dr. Winston (my colleague pediatrician) told me that he was leaving and today would be his last working day. He was moving to a Hospital at Perambalur with his wife. It took a long time for me to digest the news. That would mean that I would be alone and on call every day (Dr. Winston had done that for 3 years so it wasnt too worrying). What concerned me more was that I would find it very difficult to take leave for my wedding shopping and my marriage. I was also concerned that once Becky and I shifted in together after the wedding I would be unable to take leave or weekends off. What really broke my heart was that my planned surprise visit to see Becky on her birthday on March 8th would not be possible. In spite of all these God gave me peace and I know that over the next few months he will unravel awesome plans for Becky and I. Praburam will finish his MD in March and I hope that he will be able to join us - it depends on a lot of official decisions to be made by the Bishop and the Medical Superintendant.
I'm mentally prepared for the extra work load and am sure that God will work out a wonderful way to enjoy my wedding and married life - I trust in Him completely!