January 13, 2007

ECNR to Dubai!

So we got up early and piled into the Temp Traveller to drop off S at the airport. She said goodbye and then pushed the trolley alone to the counter while we craned our heads to keep seeing her. Then almost like in slow motion we saw her being sent off from the counter and walking towards us. Our hearts sank as she told us that there was an ECNR stamp missing and hence she wasnt allowed to leave! This couldnt be happening!!! We desperately prayed and tried everything to try to bypass this procedure, but it wasnt possible. The only way was for her to miss her flight and goto the ECNR office and get the job done. We did exactly that and by 12 noon had the necessary stamps. And now to see if she could get alternative flights to Dubai. Emirates said they had one that would get her late to the meeting and cost about Rs. 30000! My dad contacted his old travel agent and he said he could get business class tickets on Indian Airlines and it would cost 30,000 Rs. S and J tried to quickly calculate the costs and if they could afford it. My dad called up the agent again to see if Economy tickets were available and amazingly... yes I said... amazingly he said - only business class tickets sir. Will cost you Rs. 13000!! My dad had mis-heard it the first time. And it was a direct flight to Dubai - awesome!! Soon we were racing to the agent and after some waiting S had the tickets in her hand. She checked with her boss and the old ticket place for a refund and things were OK - she didnt have to spend from her pocket for now. We all came back home tired and happy. I then raced off to the bus stand to see if I could get tickets and was disappointed - there were none available. Meanwhile Becky called up and said she'd take a bus to our home (I was supposed to pick her up) and just when I was at the bus stand, she said she was somewhere near. Soon we rode back home on the Kinetic Honda. We decided to stay back home while S went off to the airport and finish off the letters I was supposed to send to my patients in the thesis study. We had an awesome time and later in the night I dropped her off at her friends house.
Its been an amazing day - there seemed to be a stumbling block in every step and just as we though that it was not movable..... God just blew it away!! S is in Dubai on time, Appa is relieved and I got to spend a lot of time with Becky. I'm awestruck how Gods plans can be so exciting!!

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