January 13, 2007

ECNR to Dubai!

So we got up early and piled into the Temp Traveller to drop off S at the airport. She said goodbye and then pushed the trolley alone to the counter while we craned our heads to keep seeing her. Then almost like in slow motion we saw her being sent off from the counter and walking towards us. Our hearts sank as she told us that there was an ECNR stamp missing and hence she wasnt allowed to leave! This couldnt be happening!!! We desperately prayed and tried everything to try to bypass this procedure, but it wasnt possible. The only way was for her to miss her flight and goto the ECNR office and get the job done. We did exactly that and by 12 noon had the necessary stamps. And now to see if she could get alternative flights to Dubai. Emirates said they had one that would get her late to the meeting and cost about Rs. 30000! My dad contacted his old travel agent and he said he could get business class tickets on Indian Airlines and it would cost 30,000 Rs. S and J tried to quickly calculate the costs and if they could afford it. My dad called up the agent again to see if Economy tickets were available and amazingly... yes I said... amazingly he said - only business class tickets sir. Will cost you Rs. 13000!! My dad had mis-heard it the first time. And it was a direct flight to Dubai - awesome!! Soon we were racing to the agent and after some waiting S had the tickets in her hand. She checked with her boss and the old ticket place for a refund and things were OK - she didnt have to spend from her pocket for now. We all came back home tired and happy. I then raced off to the bus stand to see if I could get tickets and was disappointed - there were none available. Meanwhile Becky called up and said she'd take a bus to our home (I was supposed to pick her up) and just when I was at the bus stand, she said she was somewhere near. Soon we rode back home on the Kinetic Honda. We decided to stay back home while S went off to the airport and finish off the letters I was supposed to send to my patients in the thesis study. We had an awesome time and later in the night I dropped her off at her friends house.
Its been an amazing day - there seemed to be a stumbling block in every step and just as we though that it was not movable..... God just blew it away!! S is in Dubai on time, Appa is relieved and I got to spend a lot of time with Becky. I'm awestruck how Gods plans can be so exciting!!

January 12, 2007

And now.... my turn to surprise

Finally a plan fell into my mind and I managed to leave Vellore by 8.30 AM and reach Chennai by 12 noon. After a quick lunch I planned to goto Beckys clinic and surprise her!! S and J offered to drop me as they were going to visit his sister close to Beckys house. Halfway through the journey Becky seemed to get a whiff of the surprise but S and J managed to quickly adapt the plan and they said they were coming to see her on the way. I kept calling and pretending I had just left to Chennai. I got off on the street before her house and J and S went in to see her. She was apparently disappointed I wasnt there, Under the pretext of taking her out to lunch they loaded her into the car and slowed down where I was hiding (J and S are experts at conning!) and I popped into the car from behind and watched Becky screaming with surprise!!! Awesome - even a bird-brain like me could surprise my fiance YEeeeeaaaaaah!!!!
We had lunch and then S and J picked us back to Annanagar.
We had an awesome time at dinner - the Tituses and the Rosses and of course Becky. After a little confusion about how to get Becky back, my dad finally decided to race her back home and we all came back tired!! Tomorrow S flies back in the morning and that means another early day..... and I'm still reeling at the wonderful day its been!!

January 11, 2007

The charts and the addresses.... finally!

Finally at around 4 PM we managed to get the charts and the addresses! Yippee!!
I quickly scanned through the charts and pulled up the data I needed. I'd already printed the letters and the data entry questionaire and once I was done with the charts, I started writing the names and sticking addresses. In the back of my mind I was scheming as to whether I could go off to Chennai early tomorrow and surprise Becky and also join the dinner S and J had planned for both our families.
Ideas, lotsa work and some scheming.... exciting way to finish the day!

January 10, 2007

Waiting, meeting, more waiting

I managed to meet up with colleagues, friends, my professors etc and also had to wait a lot and discussed some thesis stuff with Dr. Anil and Dr. Jana. Made some progress, but still a lot of work to do.
I have to get about 75 charts, get addresses, review the charts and enter some data. I hope I can finish off quickly as that would give me time to gom to Chennai before I go off to Trichy.
Praying hard.......

January 9, 2007

Back in Vellore

After a loooong all-night chat with Becky on the phone, I left in the morning to Vellore to try and finish off some work on my thesis. After reaching Vellore I found that Dr. Anils daughter had had an appendicectomy the previous night and so I couldnt really meet him. I started working on getting the charts out and there was just a looooong wait once the letter was given. I felt frustrated, but just had to hold on.... I hope in the next couple of days I can work out what I need to get done. Everything is going slowly and it's taking me some patience - need an extra dose of it.

January 8, 2007


Another day... and I had to say bye to Becky. J and S dropped us off at her home and then went away to visit J's sister and that left Becky and me together with her cousins etc. We spent some quality time together. I'm realising how precious Becky is to me! J, S, Becky and I then did a quick regrouping at Coffee Day before I finally had to re-drop her off at home and then tuck myself into the car alone in the back seat and get back home. That familiar lump in my throat and emotions rushed in again......

January 7, 2007

"Everlasting God"

We'd planned as a large family (Rosses, Tituses and the Pauls) to sing a special number in church today - "Everlasting God". We'd done a little practice on Friday but there was a lot of room for improvement. BEcky hadnt yet practiced with us and so we met up in church a little earlier and all of us practiced the song a couple of times. Beckys brother PEter also managed to join us.
Well, after a little goof up with the announcement slide and after the bass guitar conked out we sang our hearts out and really enjoyed it because the song was so beautiful and appropriate to happenings in the last few weeks. I played the drums (after a very loooooong time) and did not mess up!! Its awesome when we can use our voices and hands to glorify God and today was even more special because Becky was there with me! We met a few people after church.
The rest of the day was cool and all of us had lunch together at "Dynasty". It felt very special sitting with Becky today because this was the first time out since we were engaged.
Then there was ice cream at tha Aavin parlor, a little attempted shopping and dinner and the end of another gloriously happy day!!


Will I ever find the words to tell you what happened today and express the way I feel ? Never..... words are just not enough when God's plans simply blow your mind away and He makes a day so beautiful. Becky and I got engaged today and it was more than just a ceremony.
Yes, there was the traditional plate-and-gift carrying, the Sari change, the ring-garland-bible exchange. But it was also more than that as every moment Becky and I felt so special because God had chosen us to be together. I'll never ever find the words to express the way we felt tonight.
You can see a few pics here - http://cmc94.fotopic.net/c1189659.html
But even those photos which are worth a thousand words each can never reflect the way we feel inside. . . . . .

January 3, 2007

A big surprise!

We went off to the airport at 6.30 Am to pick up S who was supposed to be travelling alone. She'd clubbed a business trip to Delhi and Dubai with the trip to Chennai so she didnt have to take time off work and didnt have to spend a lot. It was supposedly the first time that She and J would be apart for so many days and she'd been cribbing about it the past week.
So there we were - Appa, Amma, Titus uncle, Becky and I... waiting for S to come out. After a patient wait, finally we saw her!! She came to the baggage area and managed to wave to us, diappeared for some time.... and reappeared..... WITH J!! The nasty, scheming couple!! They'd managed to squeeze in Jitto after some changes of plans and had decided to surprise us !! We were all very excited about it. The rest of the day saw us excited as the surprise was revealed to J's mom and granny. It was wonderful having Becky with me to be a part of the great fun!! J and S dropped us off at Becky's place at night and later we all regrouped at the airport to receive A. J had a mild tummy upset but that didnt dampen the spirit. We all sat chatting late into the night and I apprently just crashed out on the bed before they all continued the excitement and then slept.
How awesome it is when God plans surprises for us!! 

January 2, 2007

Altec Lansing Service center

My Altec Lansing speakers had conked out a few weeks ago and I had to lug it with me to Chennai to get it to the service center. Appa and I located the center and gave in the speakers for repair and we also managed to locate a DTP center to type out one of the tamil songs we were gonna use for the Engagement. A cuppa coffee later my speakers were repaired and as good as new (hopefully!!)
I spoke to Becky about the quickest route to get there and my dad then dropped me off at Mount Road and went home. I had a pretty loooong wait for the bus and was pretty impatient. Finally I got one and after what seemed eternity was walkign down the narrow street to Beckys place. As usual we had a wonderful time together and then we both had to get back to Annanagar. We tried to get to sit together on the busride back home (takes more than an hour), but the chennai crowd didnt allow us to! We simply texted each other and spoke a little on the phone (duh... we were just a few rows apart - guess we're crazy) and then had dinner at home before I dropped her off at her friend JPs house.

January 1, 2007

New Year Surprise

I entered the New Year on duty at the hospital and a little busy. The best thing was being able to talk to Becky after she came back from church. Just past midnight Sandeep dropped in and offered to drop me off at the station at 6 AM to catch my train to Chennai. Cool!
I slept a little on the noisy train and managed to speak a little to Becky. I was planning to go home, have lunch and then go off to Beckys place.
My dad said he'd pick me up at the station. The train was about 20 minutes late and there was my dad waiting to pick me up. I started walking with him to the entrance and bingo!! There.... from behind a pillar stepped Becky!!! It was awesome - the way she'd planned to surprise me. I was dressed terrible and looking like a dirty pig and there she was all gorgeous and pretty in a Sari! It felt like a dream. I enjoyed the drive back home and we spent an awesome evening together at home before I dropped her off at home.
I ended the day still not having gotten over the wonderful surprise Becky had schemed together with my parents and her parents!! Great way to start off the New Year!!