December 29, 2006


Just as I was about to finish OPD at 5 PM and goto the Kailashapuram peripheral clinic, I had this patient with breathing difficulty and I realised after examining him that he had fluid around his lungs - probably pus(empyema). I explained that I would take 3 hours to come back and started the treatment and left for the peripheral clinic. I came back at 9 PM and saw the results which confirmed the presence of pus. However the kid also had a low platelet count and deranged bleeding parameters. In my opinion it would be very risky to insert the chest tube here as he could bleed to death. Although the relatives were a little annoyed, they realised it was for the childs good and soon sped off to another better equipped hospital.
Although it seemed uneventful, I wonder how much risks I can take in this hospital especially when I am alone and what I should not try to manage. I guess the next few months will show me and I pray for wisdom in making the right decisions.

December 25, 2006

Christmas alone

Yup.... I know the title of this post sounds depressing and dismal, but thats how my Christmas was supposed to be! Alone on call, rounds, lazing in the quarters etc etc.....?
Actually it turned out much better than that!!
First of all I spoke to Becky.... that made the day so much better even before it started! Then, there were not too many patients - so I actually managed to go to church for the first time this month in Trichy! And after rounds Sandeep invited Prakash and me for lunch and soon we were having a great lunch and lovely time with his parents and sister.
I also managed to rest a little in the afternoon and after a couple of loooong chats with Becky, home etc etc, went to sleep satisfied that although I seemed to be alone..... I'm not!! Here's a pic of the star I tried to hang outside my quarters to make it seem very christmassy....

December 21, 2006

A setback

I've been waiting for my results for quite some time ago and tonite when I rechecked the university website The update showed that the results had come in.
I checked in and got a rude shock. It said "Result withheld (in view of thesis)".
There was a flood of thoughts racing through my mind and threw it into turmoil. Did I have to repeat my exams again? Was my thesis rejected? Did this mean quitting my job and getting back to Vellore to sort out things? How disappointed would my parents be? What would Becky think?
Somehow the doubts settled and I realised that it would take patience, a few phonecalls and a trip to Vellore to sort out stuff. There were several candidates who'd had this happen and things sorted out with a little effort, patience and some waiting.
My parents seemed understanding and Becky was very supportive about it.
I'll update you once the letter from the university comes and I know what exactly I have to do... till then.... do pray for me!

December 17, 2006

The day it was supposed to be

Its kinda funny, but today was the day Becky and I shouldve got engaged as per our original plans! We had to postpone it as it seemed too close and settled for the 6th of January.
As I think of today, I'm so thankful we didnt have the engagement today.
It was too early and Becky had just had exams last week. I also found out a couple of days ago that I would not be able to be in Chennai and would hev to be in Trichy today as Dr. Winston was on leave!!! Now that would have been disastrous!!
S and A could not make it from the US and that would have been a big disappointment.
Lotsa other little inconveniences like timings, me having to get back etc etc.
I'm so glad that God was in control in choosing a date wisely!!

December 12, 2006

Watching her go....

It was a daze today.
All I remember is packing up and then going to the station holding Becky's hand while she just looked down.
Opened the door, pulled out my bag, gave Becky a little hug and then...... I watched her leave....
I turned to enter the station and then it hit me hard... I wouldn't be seeing her for 3 more weeks .....
So there I was at the crowded station and the only thing on my mind was Becky. I kept replaying the events of the last couple of days over and over in my mind sitting amidst a thousand people..... Is this how love feels??!! Sadness when you say goodbye to her and yet joy that eternity is togetherness. I could feel a lump in my throat as I quietly got into the train and soon was speeding away. We spoke again on the phone..... and the magic of the 48 hours together lingered on.... it will linger on forever!!

December 11, 2006

Shopping etc etc

Beckys parents came to Chennai from Kodaikanal and we started shopping for the rings.
After a few disappointing shops we finally went into GRT Jewellers and soon stumbled onto a beautiful ring for Becky that was awesome. We also decided to order my ring there itself and had alittle fun trying to get the right size : I've got this funny finger shape where the joint is big and the finger is slim!! But anyway the jeweller promised me a good fit... and we'll trust him.
Lunch was great at the Abirami Food Mall and it felt good as we were all excited about the engagement. We then dropped off Athai (That's what I call Beckys mom) at the bus stop and Becky and I spent some time together. I felt sooooooo close to her.... never knew that I could feel that way and after some time on the balcony in the cool night air I dropped off Becky and we spent a loooong time on the phone after that..... gosh!! I just cant get enough of her!!!
To wind up my post here's a pic of Becky and my mom hugging when we came back home after the shopping.

December 10, 2006

Exams, the suit..... and Becky!

Another exciting day! I'd reached Chennai last night and we had planned to try and finish off the shopping for the engagement over an extended weekend. Becky had her major 5 hour exams today and I seemed more nervous than her about it. We prayed about it and I was sure she'd do it well. I went to church (AMC) today and spent the afternoon watching Ice Age wishing Becky was with me. The movie is a great mix of fun, humor, emotion and graphics - the kind that you could watch laughing and holding someone you love!!
After her maraton exam and a session at the clinic Becky finally left to meet me and we went to Hi-Style where we confirmed the order for the suit for me. It was then an exciting dinner with Becky and we then went and dropped her off at home where Becky made us all coffee (on the microwave!). I was actually crazy enough to shoot a video of her making it with my mobile cam!! (The things that love makes you do!!) Once again I felt refreshed in a special kinda way and I discovered that the kitchen was a great place!! Becky usually sits on the kitchen counter top or on the couch when we we speak on the phone and today it kinda felt good to be where she is everyday! Call me a sentimental fool..... but if any of you have been in love..... you'll know!