November 28, 2006

Crazy me!!!

I finally came back to Trichy by bus which was a pretty bad ride actually!! The only bright spot was that I could speak to Becky on and off. Becky was leaving tonite to Kanyakumari by bus for her friends engagement. We suddenly realised that her bus would be passing through Trichy sometime in the night. Once she got on in Chennai she enquired and we found that the bus would stop for a couple of minutes in Trichy. I found out the exact spot and at 10.30 Pm there I was... waiting on the road for a red bus with my Becky to drive in. After about 40 minutes Becky called up to lemme know that they had entered Trichy and soon I saw the big red "Rathi Meena" bus turning into the place I was standing and right near the door was Becky waiting to get off. We spent less than 5 minutes together, but it was glorious. As usual she took my breath away and even before we knew it she had to get back into the bus and it drove away. While I drove back in the black of the night on my Kinetic Honda I realised how powerful being in love moved me deep inside. I just felt helplessly in love with Gods chosen girl in my life and I could feel my heart moved in a way I never thought possible as I rode back. Within the next 20 minutes we had SMSed about 5 times as we tried to find words to express the way we felt....
God knows......

November 27, 2006

The award

I wasnt graduating today withn the rest of the PG students as my official results hadnt yet come. I however won the Dr. Beatrice Chinniah Medal for Best outgoing Student in MD Pediatrics which was purely by the grace of God.
I managed to catch up with a lot of friends at Vellore and spent the night at Manish's house.

November 26, 2006

Face to face with Becky... at last again!

I had to goto Vellore tomorrow and hence decided to drop into Chennai for the weekend.... and as you can guess the main purpose for that was to meet up with Becky. I reached Chennai last night and was very excited. After going to church I could barely contain my excitement and soon I was excitedly speaking to her on the phone as we went to pick her up at her church (Ashraya).
I stepped out of the car and my heart skipped a beat as Becky walked out towards me. She was wearing a blue kurta with jeans and looked beautiful. This was the first time we were meeting after we said Yes to each other and the moment was terrific!!
We then came home, had lunch, saw photos. Becky, her brother (Peter) and I then went off to drop Peter at the bus stop and Becky and I soon disappeared to Cafe Coffee Day. It was a big disappointment as it was too crowded and we had to 'share' our table with some more people. Lousy waiter!!!
We then enjoyed a 'close ride' on a share auto back to Blue Star and then the walk back home.
We then sneaked up to the terrace and just sat and spoke to each other still feeling awe-struck at how things were going..
We then went Sari shopping for her and managed to get a nice Sari for the engagement. After a brief dinner we had to drop her off at home and we then drove back... me feeling all empty again but knowing that the rest of eternity was ours together.....

November 17, 2006

Discovering Becky....

My fingers tremble slightly as I try to put in the way I feel tonight for the wwworld to know. To put it briefly - tonight I discovered that Gods amazing plan for my life included an awesome girl called Rebecca...... I'll never get the words to express how it felt when on the phone Becky and I decided that we would spend the rest of eternity together!
As is typical in the Indian culture My family and her family had met in Trichy to see if a marriage could be worked out. Initially, I was a little displeased when my parents talked about the arrangement and so was Becky apparently. But God moved beautifully and when we met 7 days ago we were very comfortable with each other. We were however definitely not prepared to make any commitments and decided to break traditions by simply talking on like friends for a week or so. And boy! did we speak..... hours and hours.... about everything except marriage.
And today we felt something move in us and at 11.45 PM the words just tumbled out and we were soon awestruck as Gods plans seemed so clear and beautiful.
And just as we sat with the phone glued to our ears savouring the moment I got a call from the ward about a kid who came in with seizures....!!!!!! The magic was not lost though as it took me only a few minutes to sort out the child and soon Becky and I were lost in enjoying the awesomeness of what was happening. We didnt feel like hanging up till 3 AM when we finally unwillingly decided to hang up.
Its amazing... Gods plans for my life is so much better and nicer than anything that I could have dreamt or thought about. I never in my whole life thought that I would be willing for an "Arranged Marriage"... but then when God arranges something I guess He makes it so special......
Today is the BEST day of my life .......

November 6, 2006

Joining Work at Trichy

I went to work - my first day @ work at the CSI Mission General Hospital!
It was quite busy and I saw about 30 patients in the OPD. Pretty much felt at place! The wards are not too busy and the evening OPD was quite light. So not tired at all.
Appa and Amma called up and surprised me saying they were planning to visit me in 2 days and a little more stuff..... stay glued for updates!!

November 4, 2006

Exploring Trichy with Sandeep

I woke up hungry and still feverish at 9.30 AM and had nothing to eat in the house. After a little enquiring I walked into a small supermarket and bought some stuff I needed. Sandeep and I then tried to do some mattress shopping and found the mattresses quite expensive. He then offered to gimme his old mattress which was quite unused and was just lying at home. So we drove over to his house where I had lunch (lifes lovely surprises!!) and then came back home to just laze around and sleep

November 3, 2006

Leaving Vellore

The frenzy of packing is all over and finally early today I rechecked everything and loaded all my stuff into Bilals Tata Sumo. The room became barren and I decided to leave behind my mattress and a few things that were too worn down to use. We were soon racing towards Trichy and although the roads were not too good the journey was uneventful except once when we had to screech to a skidding halt to avoid a parked tricycle loaded with LPG gas stoves parked by some idiot right in the middle of the road. We soon found our way inside Trichy and met Sandeep and lugged my stuff into my allotted Quarters. Sandeep helped me around and I then paid Bilal and he sped off. I managed to meet Dr. Samson and then...... crashed out!